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Band Name KMFDM
Album Name WTF?!
Type Album
Released date 26 April 2011
Music StyleIndustrial Electro
Members owning this album22


1. Krank
2. Come on - Go Off
3. Rebels in Kontrol
4. Lynchmob
5. Take It Like a Man
6. Viva La Mort !
7. Dystopia
8. Panzerfaust
9. Spectre
10. Amnesia
11. Death & Burial of C. R

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Review @ ChristopherJRM

23 July 2011

These guys know pretty well what to do already...

When one talks about the true essence of Industrial music, it's normal that names like Nine Inch Nails or Ministry are immediately thrown to the air, as being the main ones. And they are some of the biggest, it's true, but there are other bands that have been hanging around giving us some blasting Industrial music like KMFDM. German band already with 17 studio albums and 27 years of career, it's an experient group, that doesn't need any introductions and an example of a project to who you don't tell anymore what they should or shouldn't do.

For years, that KMFDM - with a formation constantly changing - make their Industrial music, make it fit in the mainstream, presenting some very danceable hits with some Techno touches and that in a short time can also give us some some more "metallic" anthems made by some quite heavy riffs. They alternate between critical songs sang in a more furious tone - and sometimes with a self-deprecating sense of humor, with the verse "KMFDM Sucks" already heard before - and other songs with female vocals to give another different tone, that in a certain way, it kinda give us sort of a sexual atmosphere just in the voice. It's an unique essence that KMFDM ben carrying throughout their career, so that's what one can find in this new record, "WTF?".

With some ups and downs in their discographic path, to some fans that think that even if albums don't differ that much one from another in their musical basis and think there are always some records stronger than others, this "WTF?" comes with power. There's everything I already mentioned before. It opens with a "fistpumping" anthem, the catchy "Krank" in which one can spot a bit of a hitsong structure, it presents some darker songs adding a bit more metal to the danceable like "Come On - Go Off", "Rebels in Kontrol", "Spectre" or closing "Death & Burial of C.R." - which I already saw being considered the darkest song in this German band's career - , tracks that can easily pass by dancefloor hits such as "Take It Like a Man" or "Amnesia", multilingualism like in "Panzerfaust", song sang in Italian despite its German title, etc.

Much more elements to point in KMFDM's music, whose experimentalism and creation inside their musical work has already been done years ago and now what's left to do is keep it and make it whatever the hell they want. So, this is a very solid album that shows that this is a veteran band that knows exactly what to do and that doesn't need to innovate that much for each record, since that innovation and experimentalism were already done since the beginning. Nothing here is being added to the previous KMFDM work. But everything that matters is there...

Original article written in Portuguese for my blog. Any mistake or misconstructed sentence, I apologize, since it's always difficult trying to translate a whole text.

Rating: 15/20

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