Unholy Terror

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Band Name WASP
Album Name Unholy Terror
Type Album
Released date 2001
Produced by Blackie Lawless
Music StyleHeavy Metal
Members owning this album185


1. Let It Roar 04:40
2. Hate to Love Me 04:07
3. Loco-Motive Man 06:02
4. Unholy Terror 02:01
5. Charisma 05:25
6. Who Slayed Baby Jane? 04:54
7. Euphoria 03:19
8. Raven Heart 03:45
9. Evermore 06:10
10. Wasted White Boys 06:49
Total playing time 47:15

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Review @ chmetal

20 July 2008
After an almost useless best-of and a live album which should have been issued on DVD or VHS rather than on CD, Blackie and the boys couldn’t allow themselves another mistake with their new album. W.A.S.P. had to do a great album, especially after a medium Helldorado.

First of all, the changing of label has been a good thing, because Unholy Terror has been granted a very good promotion, which was never so with Snapper. The only regret is that there still isn’t any videos planned, which would have been a good thing for promoion, and for the fans !

Anyway, here is the new album coming in my Cd-player, and the first thing that I notice is that the whole album has been written and produced by Blackie alone, where is Chris ?
Musically speaking, after a first careful listening, what a shock ! Yes, it is done, the great W.A.S.P. is back with a first-class album !

And it starts with Let It Roar, very Helldorado-like, very fast.

Then Hate To Love Me, with a catchy chorus. Nota that for those of you who would feel like singing, this song is available in karaoke version on the japonese version of the album, with blackie singing just the chorus !

Next is Loco-Motive Man, one of the best songs of the album, with a very catchy chorus. This has been a while since Blackie has written such a great song ! Makes me think of No Way Out Of here on Still Not Black Enough.

Unholy Terror is an intro to Charisma, and talks about politics, religion (Jesus Christ, the Bible and Coran), nazism, Spanish inquisition, Nostradamus describing his vision on Adolf Hitler ! Everything is featured here !

But the best was still to come with the song Charisma. And what a song ! A real hit that should have been released on single. Still about politics and religion, like Unholy Terror, and heavy and uneasy as hell. Blackie really outdid himself on this one !

Next up is Who Slayed Baby Jane ? which could have been featured on Helldorado (musicwise and qualitywise). The thing is, after such a hit like Charisma, the following track is bound to be less good…

Euphoria is a very nice surprise, a instrumental ballad, very romantic, with just an intense guitar and some tam-tams… surprising. That all fit well and the result is beautiful !

Enough with the tam-tams, let’s get to Still Not Black Enough Heart who’s got a very powerful rhythm and is a big change from the previous song. This song could easily have been featured on Helldorado. Simple and straight to the point.

Another ballad is next, Evermore, which is very much like Forever Free… but without being as good ! This song could have been featured on Headless Children or Still Not Black Enough.

The album ends (already !) with Wasted White Boy. How powerful this is !!! The ending is awesome !

As a conclusion, Unholy Terror is a very good Heavy Metal album, and is mostly the best W.A.S.P. album in a while, since The Crimson Idol ! no doubt that this one will be a hit in the charts ! And the “Bible pack” is just terrific.

The only negative part would be the length of the album (47 minutes is really not enough… as usual ! almost all of the other Metal albums are 60 minutes long). Let’s hope that the concerts (at least 1h30 !) will be coming soon !

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