The Light at the End of the World

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Band Name My Dying Bride
Album Name The Light at the End of the World
Type Album
Released date 12 October 1999
Music StyleDeath Doom
Members owning this album243


 She Is the Dark
 The Night He Died
 The Light at the End of the World
 The Fever Sea
 Into the Lake of Ghosts
 The Isis Script
 Sear Me III

Total playing time: 01:11:09

Review @ L4G4RT0

08 March 2008
After the enigmatic, weird, controversial previous "34,788%... complete", My Dying Bride thought it was time to come back to doom metal, but in a different way. Tired of those violins (yes, they were getting monotonous sometimes), the band completely left them, adding more proeminent keyboards and stronger vocals.

You can notice that immediately on the first song, "She is the dark". The song has different paces, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, but with a renewed strength. Aaron uses it's grunts once again, but keeps it's clean and sad vocals too. The result is a powerful song, which grabs you from the first moment. Most of this album is made of long songs, over 6 minutes in most cases, and yes, you have doom once again, a slightly faster doom than it used to be but nevertheless it's doom metal, no doubt about it. "Edenbeast" it's a dirge, long, slow most of the time, accelerating in parts, getting furious but mostly, depressive and clautrophobic. Maybe it's too long and it may get a bit tiring after half of it is heard... "The night he died" is also a boring song, I really don't like it so I skip it most of the times. Different, much different is "The Light at the End of the World": a true dirge, a sad song, slow and intense. As you listen to all tracks you have the feeling that the band was not as inspired as usual: some songs tend do be repetitive, you tend to think you've heard that song before, and only after listening 3 or 4 times this album you get to know the songs better. The end brings two great moments: "Sear me III", a song that could be brought from the previous album and before that, "Chrisliar" which feels more epic than anything else on this album.

"The Light at the End of the World" is one of my least favorite works from My Dying Bride. Although it's their return to doom metal, although it has some powerful moments, it feels a bit long once in a while, it is boring in more than 25 minutes (3 songs) and Aaron's vocals are not that great in some of the tracks...

Nevertheless it is good enough to be bought by any metalhead, and by every fan.

Rated: 15

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