Like Gods of the Sun

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Band Name My Dying Bride
Album Name Like Gods of the Sun
Type Album
Released date 07 October 1996
Music StyleDeath Doom
Members owning this album257


 Like Gods of the Sun
 The Dark Caress
 Grace Unhearing
 A Kiss to Remenber
 All Swept Away
 For You
 It Will Come
 Here in the Troat
 For My Fallen Angel

Total playing time: 54:07

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My Dying Bride

Review @ L4G4RT0

27 February 2008
In first place I want to say that I like this album... My problem is that I like ALL the albums from My Dying Bride and once in a while I had a little disappointment... although it has always been a very tiny one! "Like Gods of the Sun" was one of those little let downs, only because I just loved their previous release...

This is a longer album than "The Angel and the Dark River", the longest My Dying Bride album to date, and maybe because of that there are some ups and downs in it. The general pace of the songs has increased, the tempos are faster and sometimes you can't really say it's a Doom album (you get that feeling in songs like "All swept away"). The album starts with the title track "Like Gods of the Sun", which isn't such a great start... I found most of this song a bit boring, although many people can call it an epic. There's nothing really wrong, but something about it gets into my nerves. The next song is "The dark caress", a song which is a sequence from what they did on their previous album, and I find it too much similar so also this is not one of my particular favorite tracks. By this time I was starting to feel a bit desperate, and the start of "Grace unhearing" kept that feeling. Fortunately although the violins left a feeling of deja-vu, this time the song has a different structure and yes, the band's back to some great atmosphere. The sound is not really doom, but I love those guitars and the way this song goes. Yes! At last a good one! "A kiss to remember" has a brilliant start, I just love the way this song begins. It's just so gigantic! I can hear those 1:30 minutes again and again and then, if you keep listening there's also another great instrumental moment around 4:30. These two moments are more than enough to make this a great song! "All swept away" is as told before a faster song, but a great song too. I love the tempo changes, the guitar riffs and the keyboards but what really saves this song is it's short duration (short for this band!). "For you" is a brilliant moment. Some people may find it mellow, I think it's such a sad song, it may bring some tears to your eyes if you're in the right mood. "It will come" is a boring moment, not worth mentioning much about, "Here in my throat" is a fine song, with some nice keyboards and deepness in it. Not brilliant, but a good My Dying Bride song. Near to the end, the tears may roll out again with "For my fallen angel". Keyboards and violins, with chorus and Aaron speech, compose a beautiful song. It's unbelieably beautiful and sad, and shows how much feeling this band can put on their songs. Close your eyes, listen and image yourself on the loneliness place you can imagine, looking at the vastest landscape you can put into your mind... It's immense. Closing the album there's another version from "It will come", but I since I didn't like the original that much, this fell on the same bag.

In conclusion, "Like Gods in the Sun" is a good album, sometimes a brilliant one, it has some ups and downs, but I would only take 3 tracks out of it, and even those tracks are not bad: they just don't feel as great as all the other. Anyway, this is an album that you can safely buy and keep listening for years and years...

Rated: 16

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