The Hunting Party

Band's List Nu Metal Linkin Park The Hunting Party
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Band Name Linkin Park
Album Name The Hunting Party
Type Album
Released date 16 June 2014
Music StyleNu Metal
Members owning this album113


1. Keys to the Kingdom 03:38
2. All for Nothing (ft. Page Hamilton) 03:33
3. Guilty all the Same (ft.Rakim) 05:55
4. The Summoning 01:00
5. War 02:11
6. Wastelands 03:15
7. Until It's Gone 03:53
8. Rebellion (ft. Daron Malakian) 03:44
9. Mark the Graves 05:05
10. Drawbar (ft. Tom Morello) 02:46
11. Final Masquerade 03:37
12. A Line in the Sand 06:35
Total playing time 45:12

Comment @ desolate23

25 June 2014

An Amazing Comeback.

Let's face it. A lot of us somewhere have listened to a Linkin Park song and thought it to be pretty good. Hybrid Theory and Meteora are their best selling records and it's clear why. They're really decent and it actually shed some light on the Pop Rock scene. Then they've released several albums afterwards that paled in comparison to the two. As many recognize, A Thousand Suns often ranks as the worst album for a lot of people. Minutes till Midnight had a similar functionality to Meteora but it failed to deliver. Then Living Things was released in early 2012 with mixed reviews. Though, everyone essentially agreed that album was their best since Meteora but still couldn't live up to it. Now this record is release in 2014. And I must say it's a welcoming change and it definitely ranks higher then Living Things. Though this one has received some poor reviews this album is actually good. This record seems to go back to the older roots of hard rock and techno styles which is what made their first records great. It had a delicate balance between both.

Let's begin with their first single from this record Guilty All the Same featuring Rakim. No idea who this person is and you don't really hear him honestly. But it took Given Up and mixed it with the technicalities of Crawling and it actually works. The feature artist is the only thing lacking in this track. However, it is a great single all things considered. Next is Until It's Gone the second single for this record. It reminds me a lot of Numb which is welcomed definitely. The drummer honestly shines here even if it's moderately simplistic but he gets the job done.

This record features everything that made Hybrid Theory and Meteora great. Hard guitars and faster paced drums which were severely gone from their other records. It's a nice refresher to their older fans.

Now the bad. There seems to be a lack of consistency between songs. And the vocals end up becoming whiny a little. The featured artists aren't really noticeable and honestly serve no point. However the better of the three tracks with a feature is Drawbar.

I gave this record a 17/20 because it's a great step forward from their older material. It's a symbol of what we should be accommodated with them. It's a great record. Pick it up if you see it.


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Theodrik - 26 June 2014: Good artcle, desolate23. I did myself a chronicle (which unfortunately has not been published) and I agree with your point of view. The album is amazing ! Even if "Drawbar" sounds like a bit of a joke for me :)
desolate23 - 26 June 2014: Yeah. It had its ups and downs but it really was an amazing comeback for Linkin Park. It's definitely better then their last 3 records by far. It was kinda weird for me to hear double basses in a LP song, admittedly.
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