Bark at the Moon

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Band Name Ozzy Osbourne
Album Name Bark at the Moon
Type Album
Released date 18 May 1983
Music StyleHeavy Metal
Members owning this album692


Re-Issue in 2002 with Bonustracks
 Bark at the Moon
 You're No Different
 Now You See It (Now You Don't)
 Rock 'n' Roll Rebel
 Centre of Eternity
 So Tired
 Slow Down
 Waiting for Darkness

 One Up the 'B' Side"

Total playing time: 46:26

Review @ Kerbinator

14 July 2009
After the pass away of Rhandy Rhoads (R.I.P.) Ozzy published his thirs solo album in 1983 with a new, wild guitar player called Jake E. Lee. The Albus starts with a great guitar hook in the song Rock'n Roll Rebel, a straight forward song with a refrain everyone could remember and therefore a good decision to plug this song as opener. Followed by the title track that includes the werewolf theme, the main theme of this album. With a fast guitar opening of Lee and one of the best vocals Ozzy ever did, this song became the only classic song of Bark at the Moon, ending with Ozyy howling to the moon. After this real fast song, the band slow down with a semi ballad called You're no different. A song in the line of Goodbye to romance from the Blizzard of Ozz album but without the vibes that were needed. Not bad, but more a filler than a song that could be remembered. Now You see it (now you don't) brings the album back to attack with fantastic guitar theme of Jake E. Lee and real high vocals of Ozzy in the refrain. A hook monster at its best. Waiting for darkness is another slower song with mystical touch and a tragic character. The song takes the listeners deep in the theme of this album and let them hope that Ozzy will reach the darkness soon to transform himself to a wolf. A very emotional song. So Tired is again more a filler than a song to remember. Silent and more for going to bed than staring at the moon. Forever brings the album back again with one more fantastic guitar work and incredible vocals. One of the faster moments of the album and the last kick before Spiders end Bark at the Moon with the feeling that this animals will crawl into your head.
In some countries the album had Slow down as song instead of Spiders. A song that was nothing more than a filler and not a lot of people know about this song. Doesn't matter.

A good album for sure, but without the amount of classics like the first two albums had.

I am in the nice position that I could see Ozzy Osbourne in the Bark at the Moon line up at Monsters of Rock, Nürnberg 1984.
The songs came live a lot heavier than they appear at the album and Jake E. Lee could show the people on stage his talent more than in the studio.

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Comment @ SufferDare

06 February 2007
We didn't find a record like that everyday! We have a great one here! First, i just want to say thanks to ozzy for that!

Here is the biggest succes of Ozzy Osbourne's solo career,
the worst is that the best song on this record is not Bark at the Moon, but for me, it is Slow Down, i'm not a big fan of Ozzy's solo career, but there's a good point to love him, he does not left Black Sabbath behind with stupid song like all the men that have done a solo career, but he kept his old music, and change it in the better thing that you can imagine!

Just read thoses lines, and buy the record!
There's just no shit in that!

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Comment @ vikingman369

24 June 2011

The beginning of the end

One drunk and high plane ride later and one of the greatest guitarists since Eddie Van Halen died. For many, especially among the elitists of metal, this marked the beginning of the end for the Prince of Darkness, the prodigal son from the band Black Sabbath: Ozzy Osbourne.

And I'm sad to say, that I agree with much of what they say. This album really isn't that strong. Maybe I'm being too hard on Jake E. Lee, though I think his solos on this album are decent. More or less, I find myself harder on Ozzy than anything else. The reason being that he begun to lose his voice on this album. His singing is not what it was in Blizzard and Diary of a Madman. Some of you may know what I mean: he goes into a nasal, "head" voice when singing the high-notes, which, back in the old days of Paranoid, he never did. Now my music instructors always told me to sing from the diaphragm, not the head. Ergo, what we see with this, and every album up until Black Rain, is Ozzy refusing to believe that his voice is going to pot (probably because of his over-use of pot, cocaine and other drugs), so he throws diaphragm-singing out the window and starts into an annoying head-voice.

Therein is one thing that Dio never did, for those who love .

So yes, what good IS there to this album? Not a lot, unfortunately. Well, aside from his nasal, head-voice on almost every single track, the title track "Bark at the Moon" is definitely one of the few good ones. "You're No Different", another ballad, is good lyrically, since it is Ozzy telling the nay-sayers they're just as bad as he. Another, and perhaps, the last good song on this album is "Rock'n'Roll Rebel". It also happens to have my favorite line from this entire album:

"They say I worship the devil
They must be stupid or blind"

Unfortunately, the album doesn't deliver much else. The rest of the tracks are just so boring and uneventful. "Center of Eternity" feels like it should be a power-metal track, lyrically, but Ozzy's annoying head-voice just gets in the way. Barely a third of the album is listenable.

So why rate it so high? Well, I can't degrade the skill of Ozzy's co-musicians, even if the Prince of Darkness was, according to his own words, so fat he looked like 'Jabba the Hutt's fucking brother' during this time. This was perhaps his darkest time yet, with the over-use of his drugs, the death of his friend and band-mate Randy Rhoads, ups and downs with his manager and future-wife Sharon and negative encounters with the law and everything (apparently, you don't tell a cop "I wouldn't give a fuck" after pissing on the Alamo. lol)

But, let us be fair. This depressing piece aside, it is good at least that Ozzy did not give up in the wake of so many trials. Those who just pack it in after one little bump in the road of life are quitters: those who give those bumps the finger and keep on going are the legends. Ozzy Osbourne is definitely a legend, despite what the nay-sayers have to say. It is a wonder that he was even able to make an album in this trying time, and that is why this album gets at least 14 of 20, for persevering through hard-times and making least half-way decent.

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