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Band Name Leaves' Eyes
Album Name Meredead
Type Album
Released date 22 April 2011
Produced by
Recorded at Mastersound Studios
Music StyleSymphonic Heavy
Members owning this album156


1. Spirits’ Masquerade 06:31
2. Étaín 03:58
3. Velvet Heart 03:42
4. Kråkevisa 04:34
5. To France (Mike Oldfield Cover) 04:37
6. Meredead 05:19
7. Sigrlinn 08:47
8. Mine Tåror er ei Grimme 02:54
9. Empty Horizon 04:58
10. Veritas 00:48
11. Nystev 04:39
12. Tell-Tale Eyes 03:58
13. Sorhleod 05:04
Bonustracks (CD+DVD Limited edition)
DISC 2 : Bonus DVD Live at MFVF VIII 2010
1. Njord 06:39
2. My Destiny 04:01
3. Ragnarok 05:11
4. Elegy 05:19
5. Froya’s Theme 08:16
Total playing time 54:45

Comment @ metalwahine

23 April 2011

Leave’s Eyes continue to reinvent themselves

Liv Kristine was the first to establish a marriage between metal and female vocals, beginning with Theater of Tragedy and then moving on to Leave’s Eyes. Her unique vocals engage listeners, opening their imaginations into a world of magic and legend. Her husband, Alexander Krull, is the male vocalist as well as producer. Leaves Eyes is also backed by his band, Atrocity. A year and a half after “Njord” was released Leave’s Eyes continues to deliver in epic proportion with “Meredead”, showing they can deliver symphonic metal combined with mysticism and painstaking composition.
The album starts off with “Spirit’s Masquerade”, building slowly with intensity as the chorus begins with marching drums in the background and continues to flow majestically with Liv’s vocals. “Etain” gives more of that folk metal vibe with violin flowing in and out and atmospheric vocals in the forefront. “Velvet Heart” changes direction into more of an upbeat rock tempo with keyboards and a ripping guitar solo. Leave’s Eyes then delivers a cover of “To France”, a classic song by Mike Oldfield, which leaves you with chills. Liv’s soft vocals fit with the sorrowful violin that’s heard off in the distance beautifully. The title track is absolutely epic sounding with rich vocals and guest appearance from Liv’s sister Carmen who is also the lead vocalist for Midnattsol. While it carries on in such a somber fashion there is a powerful force behind it that can’t be described.

Tracks like “Nystev” and bring you to an era that has been long forgotten, Liv and Carmen’s vocals ring out with a force that is crystal clear while the way Alex and Liv interplay off each other’s vocals on the closing track “Tell-Tale Eyes” is romantic and sorrowful. Leave’s Eyes continue to reinvent themselves with every album, their narration takes you off into lands far away and leave you wanting more. There is a perfect balance between the instruments and vocals, never one overpowering the other. Plenty of catchy hooks and melodies that are filled with precision and creativity. This is by far one of Leave’s Eyes strongest efforts yet!


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