Land of the Crimson Dawn

Band's List Melodic Power Freedom Call Land of the Crimson Dawn
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Band Name Freedom Call
Album Name Land of the Crimson Dawn
Type Album
Released date 24 February 2012
Labels SPV
Music StyleMelodic Power
Members owning this album86


1. Age of the Phoenix
2. Rockstars
3. Crimson Dawn
4. 66 Warriors
5. Back into the Land of Light
6. Sun in the Dark
7. Hero on Video
8. Valley of Kingdom
9. Killer Gear
10. Rockin' Radio
11. Terra Liberty
12. Eternity
13. Space Legends
14. Power & Glory
Bonustracks (Digipak Edition)
1. Flame in the Night (ft. Powerworld)
2. Hunting High and Low (ft. Downspirit)
3. Fairyland (ft. Secret Sphere)
4. Palace of Fantasy (ft. Manimal)
5. Land of Light (ft. Neonfly)
6. Warriors (ft. Hannes Braun)