Grand Funk Hits

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Band Name Grand Funk Railroad
Album Name Grand Funk Hits
Type Compilation
Released date 1976
Music StyleHeavy Rock
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1. Rock 'n' Roll Soul
2. We're an American Band
3. Walk Like a Man
4. Bad Time
5. Some Kind of Wonderful
6. The Loco-Motion
7. Shinin' on
8. Sally
9. Take Me
10. To Get Back in

Comment @ PIGSTOMP

18 May 2008
This is a really unique album to me. I have a Canadian LP of this with the band members' faces superimposed on the cover. Kinda weird that the record company removed the bandmembers' faces off the original artwork. Anyway, this of course could be titled Mark, Don, Mel & Craig 1972-76 (wasn't Born to Die released in '75? 1976, I think). To me this is the best version of the band. I will never understand why lead guitarist and singer Mark Farner was opposed to bringing in a fourth member in keyboardsmen Craig Frost*. These are the post-Terry Knight hits. I think the majority of the self-produced Phoenix was pretty awful, but it was a transition period LP. "Rock & Roll Soul" is a funky footstomper. It is best represented on the live Caught in the Act LP. Many of these tracks are edited for radio play, which again makes it very unique. This was also the end of the Capitol years (save for Bosnia). It's a great compilation. The band apparently had a three album deal when they moved to MCA Records, but only recorded the strange Good Singin' Good Playin' (that really seems to only be famous because Frank Zappa was the producer) album before disbanding. Mark immediately put a solo LP out in '77, and Don, Mel & Craig (kind of to Mark's surprise) formed a new band called Flint that was really sophisticated, enjoyable rock on their one released LP. It would be 5 years before a very different Grand Funk lived.
Peace Brothers & Sisters!!!

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