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Band Name Grave Digger
Album Name Excalibur
Type Album
Released date 06 September 1999
Music StyleSpeed Heavy
Members owning this album231


1. The Secrets of Merlin 02:38
2. Pendragon 04:21
3. Excalibur 04:46
4. The Round Table (Forever) 05:10
5. Morgane le Fay 05:16
6. The Spell 04:39
7. Tristan's Fate 03:39
8. Lancelot 04:45
9. Mordred's Song 04:01
10. The Final War 04:02
11. Emerald Eyes 04:05
12. Avalon 05:50
13. Parcival 04:59
Total playing time 58:11

Comment @ Aronax

17 December 2006
After very good Knights of the Cross, Grave Digger had very difficult task, make album at least good like Knights of the Cross. To some bands it would be impossible but not for our heroes. From the covers of the album I recognised storm awaking. Excalibur is opened by beautifull intro Secrets Of Merlin, it is magical medieval melody played on keyboards, after intro I was stunned by opening guitar riff of Pendragon, very fast and filled with raw strenght. Whole Excalibur album is dedicated to the Celt myth of King Arthur and the round table, everyone know stories of Arthur but GD give them new dimension, Excalibur song is one and only, third dimension guitar riff with fast drums and never stoping bass line giving this song status - legend. The Round Table is heavy metal hymn, I think GD always play this song in the end of the show since 1999 only Heavy Metal Breakdown has the priviledge to be played after RT, great song, ver melodic. Morgane Le Fay is also mega popular GD song, very long song with many rhytm changes and mystical parts, Spell is standard GD song and Tristan's Fate is also good example of how heavy metal should sound like.Lancelot and Mordred Song are typical GD songs with Gd choruses you can sing and headbang til your head drop off.The Final War is very, very fast song with excellent guitar riffs only GD can make, one of my favorite ballad ever is not much popular GD song Emerald Eyes, they never play this song alive and I don't realy see why, I cried with this song thousands of time (yes,even metalheads cry when they broke with girl and everyone who think I am a sissy send me a pm),Avalon is beautifull song about Sir Lancelots birth place, epic melody in the middle of the song is giving us reason to think about how GD brain is working.Parcival is good song but I think it is the weaket link on the album. Excalibur is another HM masterpiece from Grave Digger and I play this album for seven years now, I think I will listen this album til the end of my life.

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