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Band's List Grunge Seether Disclaimer II
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Band Name Seether
Album Name Disclaimer II
Type Album
Released date 08 June 2004
Music StyleGrunge
Members owning this album135


1. Gasoline 02:48
2. 69 Tea 03:32
3. Fine Again 04:05
4. Needles 03:27
5. Driven Under 04:33
6. Pride 04:07
7. Sympathetic 04:10
8. Your Bore 04:00
9. Fade Away 03:53
10. Pig 03:30
11. Fuck It 02:57
12. Broken 04:18
13. Sold Me 03:40
14. Cigarettes 03:12
15. Love Her 04:12
16. Take Me Away 03:55
17. Got It Made 05:10
18. Out Of My Way 03:52
19. Hang On 03:12
20. Broken (feat Amy Lee) 04:18
Total playing time 01:16:51
Live Show
1. Gasoline
2. 69 Tea
3. Five Again
4. Driven Under
5. Pride
6. Sympathetic
7. Hang on
8. Broken (acoustic)
1. Gasoline
2. Fine Again
3. Driven Under
4. Broken
5. Makin The Broken Video

Review @ An_Unspoken_Slave

02 August 2012

All in all you can't go wrong with this CD.

Let me first start in saying that when I first got this album, I was in middle school and ever since then it was an emotional connection between myself and Shaun and the rest of Seether. No other album has connected with me in such a way since this album, except for other Seether albums but this one is my personal favorite. When I was in middle school, I was always pissed off and angry at the world, I had no friends, a horrible family situation, and a negative outlook on everything I did. Today, I have one friend, a horrible family situation, and an extremely negative outlook on everything and I listen to this album almost everyday. I change bands like eating candy, one comes and goes when I thought it would be a lifetime connection; only bands I still listen to after all these years (I'm in college by the way) is Seether. Let's start with the style.

The style is rough, heavy guitar lines, yet he's not doing screamo. Shaun's vocal's along with the guitar really make up the mood. He writes such beautiful lyrics about such painful, emotional things that you can hear the hate, anger, sadness, and in two of the songs; the love in his voice. Usually singers sound like they wrote the lyrics 20 years ago and don't care anymore, at least from what I've heard, Shaun writes them and sings them from his heart. How else could he have thought of these amazing lyrics.

The songs are amazing too. You start with Gasoline which is a great Seether welcome, a hateful spite towards girls who have their foot in their bums, wear too much makeup, and think their goddesses themselves. I'm a girl, and when I first saw that music video; I wanted to be Shaun. No kidding. 69 Tea and the songs following take it down a bit in the heaviness which allows you see what's inside. Fine Again is still my life-song (song that explains your life) and will probably stand true for always. Driven Under really takes you down, even the music video is in slow motion kind of deal, but you really get the sense that someone hurt him. Pride is another emotional one which I think everyone can relate to, just like Fine Again.

Sympathetic is one of those negative songs but it hides in it's upbeat, sort of tempo. I really liked the irony there, when he's talking about never showing about the way he feels and he's hiding it in a tempo like that; brilliant. The next few are also pretty negative and if you get the one explicit you get a sense of Shaun's anger and hate with a bunch of swearing, though he doesn't overdo it. He using swear words to enhance the hate, instead of just spamming it everywhere and looking like a tool. Broken is one of their popular songs, if you haven't heard it, it's with Amy Lee and they do a love song. I'm not a fan of her but it's a good song, and a very good music video which all the videos I've talked about so far is included with the CD. Even though the official Amy Lee song is at the bottom, it still counts.

All in all you can't go wrong with this CD. You get a DVD with all the songs live in concert, music videos, and a huge set list on the main CD. From heavy to emotionally tearing, to songs that will make you cry, think, punch a wall, and even look at your life and say "Wow Shaun, you get me. You're the one who gets me." No matter who you are, there's a Seether song that can relate to you in a way you didn't think possible. No other band has shown me that, I highly recommend this CD, you can't go wrong with everything you get to experience here. I hope you enjoyed or at least learned something about Seether in my review.

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Crinn - 02 August 2012: The admins on this site are going to rip the shit out of you if you keep posting one perfectly-scored review after another, regardless of how good the actual review is.
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