Cold Steel Whisper

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Band Name Unrest (GER-1)
Album Name Cold Steel Whisper
Type Album
Released date 1998
Music StyleHeavy Metal
Members owning this album4


1. Never Surrender
2. Cold Steel Whisper
3. Reptile Love
4. Out in the Rain
5. Leave Me Now
6. Under the Gun
7. You Will Never Catch Me
8. Secret Games
9. Let It Rock
10. Ten Years

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Unrest (GER-1)

Review @ venom83

22 August 2010

When you browse through a massive directory comprising of traditional metal band names it’s highly unlikely you’d bump into a band called “Unrest” unless you broaden your search criteria and add the country Germany. This is a blame that inadvertently falls on the record label not giving enough push to escalate the band’s name outside of their home nation. It’s a shame particularly considering that the music and songwriting shown by this band is definitely tier 1 and should have catapulted them to stand alongside fellow German metallers Sinner and Accept. On this album again, which happens to be their fourth studio effort they fulfill all the requirements needed to be qualified as truly true metal. Right from musicianship to songwriting and finally production, every single factor is right about this release. Let’s start off with the musicians first. Sonke Lau, the vocalist is more like a cross between Udo Dirkschneider and the vocal god Urban Breed himself. He doesn’t really try to hit any high notes and sings well within his capabilities enough to suit the band’s music. The rhythm section on the other hand churn out good catchy tasty riffs for listening pleasure along with good soloing and well timed mid section chugs. The drummer does a terrific job too without trying to go for the kill by belting out blast beats or Dark Angel like thrash fills.

Now let’s review the tracks on this record. There is not a whole lot of variety to be found in here. Most of them sound like vintage Accept needless to say, somewhat along the lines of the “Russian Roulette” era, but at the same time a couple of tracks are bound to surprise you. For instance “You Will Never Catch Me” starts off with a la Blind Melon style acoustic intro but eventually turns into a great rocker with a good catchy riff that’s bound to raise eyebrows. “Secret Games” is another song that starts off with an Aerosmith inspired lead guitar start with a neat punk sounding guitar 2 riff in the background to create a nice little intro to a good 80s styled metal track. A couple of ballads are also found in here that don’t really sound out of place. Okay, here’s what. This album is not going to break any new grounds but hey, only a handful of all the bands in the universe are capable of doing that. Fans of Dio, old German styled traditional and power metal are going to dig this. Ardent followers of Sinner are in for a delight for certain. I highly recommend going for this one. My picks would be: Cold Steel Whisper, Leave Me Now, Secret Games and Let It Rock.

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