Ancient Runic Sorcery

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Band Name Forgotten Land (USA)
Album Name Ancient Runic Sorcery
Type Demo
Released date 24 January 2006
Music StyleDark Ambient
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Re-Issue in 2007 by Dungeons Deep Record in 111 copies with a DVD case.
1. Introduction 02:22
2. Around the Fire 06:53
3. Apocalyptic Ending 05:54
4. Nearing the Stronghold, Resting at Great Oak 05:16
5. Floating Through a Cosmic Wasteland, Void of All Life 04:28
Total playing time 24:53

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Forgotten Land (USA)

Review @ giganticbrain

04 January 2008
When looking at Forgotten Land’s first demo “Ancient Runic Sorcery” on Dungeons Deep online, I thought it similar to “A Forest Is Myne Home”, because it faintly had forests in the background of the cover. Then I read the name Ancient Runic Sorcery, and thought that it was a strange name for a forest related album. I was right, it’s not about nature, as other Forgotten Land albums are. It’s about runes, and magic, and anything else like that. It has its own unique sound to it, and is very enjoyable.

The introduction (although not done by Forgotten Land) is beautiful. It’s the best ambient track I’ve heard since Mortiis’s “Asthma” off his album The Grudge. The Introduction was done by Uruk – Hai, another ambient black metal band. It gave a good insight of what to expect of this album: Ambiance, and amazing melodies.

A track after the intro was “Apocalyptic Ending”, and it was a treat. It has three parts (or as I like to consider them Movements), each of which being different, yet somehow attached to each other. The first movement comes off as an angrier one, with furious vocals pounding at the listeners ears, and a fuming guitar part (although faint) in the background. Soon that’s over. Next comes the second movement, that of which being peaceful, in comparison to the first movement. It this instrument that sounds like a rattlesnake being hit every so often, and low drowning strings, giving off a desolate and (hence t he name) apocalyptic feel. That goes on for a bit, then the third movement. Wow is all there can be said about the third movement. It sounds like music out of the Classical time period, with a harpsichord and all. It gave off an aristocratic feel, and was striking.

Get this CD before it goes!! There are only 111 hand-numbered copies. It can be ordered off of, and comes with full artwork. Another must have!

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