A Virgin and a Whore

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Band Name Eternal Tears Of Sorrow
Album Name A Virgin and a Whore
Type Album
Released date 18 October 2001
Music StyleSymphonic Death
Members owning this album150


1. Aurora Borealis
2. Heart of Wilderness
3. Prophetian
4. Fall of Man
5. The River Flows Frozen
6. The Last One for Life
7. Sick, Dirty and Mean (Accept Cover)
8. Blood of Hatred
9. Aeon
Bonustracks (Japanese Release)
10. As I Die
11. The River Flows Frozen (Acoustic Version)

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Eternal Tears Of Sorrow

Review @ AlexMetal

26 July 2015

It's ok to be sad. There is life under the dark

"A Virgin and a Whore"...an angel and a devil in the same soul, this is the eternal drama of every human bean, as he has been cursed by the God himself.

Eternal Tears of Sorrow is not a common band along the melodic death genre. The specific aggression and fury of the death metal is subdued into a melancholic/sad atmosphere. There is no name that the band could chosen for itself better to describe from the beginning what we can find under the cover. The atmosphere is accentuated of course by the smoothness and fluidity of the sound. This sound is created as a unit and simply flows to us from the mix between the complex orchestration and the unique growl vocal.

"A Virgin and a Whore" is one of the most impressive as most melancholic release of the band. No album of the band can more trigger us in the deepness of depression, sadness and melancholy. I really don't know how the band itself looks at this release, but in fact I even don't care. This album is very close to my soul and I would say to everybody: If you're feeling depressed but not compulsory angry or/and sad but happy with your sadness, this is the music for you. And for those who are filling in this way but want to change their status, to become more optimistic and life-enjoying, please don't listen the album.

The final product is highly melodic. Above all, the unique - smooth, sad, phlegmatic and furious as same, monotone but not boring Vetelainen's growl vocals. I don't generally like keyboards on Metal music, even in melodic or symphonic power. This time I tough that keyboards have to be used here! Their interventions create a real jam-session within the guitar distortion and coexist in a magnificent way with the bells.

The piano arpeggios... I wouldn't say that they are divine...I think God can't create such like this, mighty because he doesn't really know what and how the pain is. Thus, these are deeply human as human beauty of soul can be and they are played as the player has now the unique chance in his life to play.
Special attention shall be given to the Accept's song cover (Sick, Dirty and Mean). I liked more than the original, that is the fact. Keeping as much the original heavy sound, but harsh vocals instead UDO's screaming - I had recently the same nice surprise listening death Burden of Grief's version of Dio's "Neon Knights".

My favorite song of the album is "Heart of Wilderness". The guitar riffs are taken the first place know, more than in the other songs of the album and stay in front of the complex orchestration to sustain the catchy-melodic but aggressive line of the vocals. Besides (maybe I'm in contradiction with my beginning appreciations), this song is quite more optimistic than the other, saying that finally we have to revolt ourselves and "break the wall of lies". Quite same impression about "Blood of Hatred", more appropriate to power metal sound than (even) melodic death. Don't be misunderstanding, I love power metal.

Finally, I just can say this is one of the best of Eternal Tears of Sorrow.

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