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Band Name Old Man's Child
Album Name Vermin
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 17 Oktober 2005
Labels Century Media
Musik GenreSymphonic Black
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen181


1. Enslaved and Condemned 04:15
2. The Plague of Sorrow 04:10
3. War of Fidelity 04:19
4. In Torment's Orbit 05:03
5. Lord of Command (Bringer of Hate) 04:51
6. The Flames of Deceit 04:39
7. Black Marvels of Death 04:22
8. Twilight Damnation 04:42
9. ...As Evil Descends 01:11
Bonustrack (Japanese Release)
10. Born of the Flickering (Re-Recorded Version) 04:46
Total playing time 37:32

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Review @ Julien

21 September 2005
It has taken 2 years to Glader for composing the continuation of «In Defiance Of Existance» and maybe if he had waited a little longer, he could have been more inspired.....but we will never know.
So let's dive into his last offering Vermin....

My introduction can seem to be a bit violent, even hard, but it is just the reflection of my disapointment. Actually I have already listened to this album several times, my conclusion is always the same : where is the originality ?
Of course

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Review @ Danath

15 April 2006
Vermin was my first encounter with

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Perun - 10 August 2006: I have been loving Old Man's Child (now, this was ambiguous) for several years now, ever since I found Pagan Prosperity album. And i love to turn to Galders creations whenever I get bored with 'Panzer Division Marduk', or Armagedda on example. Yet, in the last time this appreciation was fading away for some reason. And, then came Vermin. Again I started discovering 'Born of Flickering' and 'In the Shades of Life' as new album gave me a push for OMC again. Vermin is one mighty release, full of majestic melodies and dark emotions lurking behind Galder's voice and keyboards. Every instrument is well-placed and with proper sound, there's just no complaint on production. The same goes for composing of songs, their dynamic is carefuly designed, so no boring parts here. After all todays numerous Dark Throne clones this is a real refreshment and still a true Black Metal.
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