Termination Bliss

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Band Name Deathstars
Album Name Termination Bliss
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 27 Januar 2006
Labels Nuclear Blast
Musik GenreIndustrial Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen386


1. Tongues
2. Blitzkrieg
3. Motherzone
4. Cyanide
5. Greatest Fight on Earth
6. Play God
7. Trinity Fields
8. The Last Ammunition
9. Virtue to Vice
10. Death in Vogue
11. Termination Bliss
12. Termination Bliss (Piano Remix)
13. Blitzkrieg (Driven on Remix)
DVD avec la version Extended
1. Virtue to Vice
2. Blitzkrieg
3. Cyanide
4. Synthetic Generation
5. Syndrone
Bonus Material
Making of Vertue to Vice, Blitzkrieg and Cyanide
Interview du groupe
Deathstars Media Player