Deathstars : Termination Bliss

Industrial Metal / Sweden
(2006 - Nuclear Blast)
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No prayers can reach me here
No light can touch
Among reduced Bibles, cigarettes and drugs
I carve your name in my flesh

Listen... Listen...
... Then come and take my hand

Tongues, tongues
Speak the little girls name
Tongues, tongues
... Shame, shame

Innocence will never kiss me again
Never lick my stitched scars
Your lipstick's between the legs of hell
Mixed with speed and blood

The eggs grown in her open wrists
It has started now
Her taste is on my lips and tongue
The taste of white medecine

Listen... Listen...
... Then come and take my hand


...In your dreams, hearts shake
Nerves scream, minds break
Heavens turn, grounds crack
Prayers burn, burn back

And it's all there inside of you
It's deadly, dark, cold!
Can you feel the explosion
Now lean back and enjoy the show!

Blitzkrieg boom!

Hope fails, death shines
Long nails, hell's vines
Terror speak, walls fall
Addictions seek, seek it all

Blitzkrieg boom!

...This is the end
Still your need is driven on, driven on...
As we trigger one last bomb

Wounds bleed, tears ride
Demons feed, angels hide
Fathers sigh, mothers weep
Children cry, crying deep

Fuck the world with a gun
And a brocken blade!

...This is the end
Still your need is driven on, driven on...
As we trigger one last bomb


Oh, human doll - you know I am the one
Now, broken doll... Now all ethic's gone

Because I'm the shelter and the knife,
The infernal tramp and the lies
And I'm inside you deep
The greatest tear when you weep
...The virus in your heart...

And this is how my name will shine
And shine again
Above you child...
Alight and scarred
I'll leave you alone in this place

Enter this world
I am the one
This is home
I am the motherzone

Enter this world
I am the one
Return home
To the body
Of the motherzone

Get in line, kids - you know I am the one
Oh, walk away with me...
Dead daughter and son

Well, I'm the source and the field
The shiny scythe that you wield
And I'll be the drug in your blood,
The first wave of that flood
...The D in Darkness...

Come to me now, little child!
Motherzone, motherzone, motherzone
Come to me, you're the first in line!
Motherzone, motherzone, motherzone

Come to me...
Lick me dry


This is the hand that will blind your eyes
And split your spine
This is the blade that'll visit your flesh
And release the wine

You play with toys that have triggers
And you hear the led moves near
You play with razors and it hurts, it hurts
As you invite your fears

So face the dark
And I'll teach you about fire
In the blink of an eye

Now drink the Cyanide

The worlds collide
And you know
That It's pure filth
That I hide

On these plains there's a burning ruin
That must be found
On these plains there's a demon that sleeps
It must be unbound

You run for the borders
Where epistles burn in the arms of man
You run among bodies and they scream,
They scream to bite God's hand

When the dark does what the dark does best,
It's darkness!
Let the dark do what the dark does best,
Let there be darkness!


Absorb all their fears, collect all their minds
We'll be the snakes wherever they'll play
And we'll be the demons wherever they'll pray
...It' will be the greatest fight on earth

Snatch the wings of a fly
Spit on them and nail them to my spine
Say "little insect now fly away"
But I'll be the demon in every psalm you pray

The disease, the love, the claws, the blood
The empty clinics of savaged hearts
The rusty nails in lidless eyes
...And the skin won't ever be cleansed from the dirt

Come here
Now come here
Let me smell your fears

Cry here
Now cry here
Let me enjoy your tears

Lick the wet segments of a worm
Tast it now
And let it wriggle down your throat
Mothers scram
"Little children now run away"
But I'll be the snake wherever they'll play

Commence the extermination
To weaken their wills
Uncover their hearts free the insects
And let them lead the way


Dead starlight bleeds down
On the devil's nitrate
All the nerves of the patients
Bathe in shock and shame
Cause I'm the trigger that'll start this game

And the strike of the nicght will trash the skyline
And draken the matks I've put in your skin

'Cause I want to play God
With you
I want to rule it all
Rule you

The human cattle lick
On the ethical nightsticks
All the tears of the victims
Run on cold cheeks's meat
Cause here's a future that'll feed on sheep

Let's play a game of two
I'll play God and you'll play you
Let's play a game tonight
I'll play Dark and you'll play Light


Here he comes as you pray
Like shot lambs you crawl
Here he comes as you pray
Oh, shot lambs now fall

Hear him breathe as you pray
His tongue licks your palms
Feel him seduce when you pray
There's oralsex in his psalms

All the seeds
That you have planted
Upon trinity fields
And those crops that thrive
Inside of you
Grow like thorns
Through your praying hands

Hear him scream as you pray
The cold father and sin
Feel his soft and sick tongue
Lick your christian skin

There's a ruin in the heart of this plain
A rose that withers and dies
So leave the fields and join the insects
Join the lord of flies


Guns and ammo lie in front of you
The clips are all loaded, now what shall you do?
This is how it starts
When the end slows wildly in the dark
This is how it starts
When the last breath ends the last spark

Nine, nine, nine!

The last ammunition
Let the clips fall down
The last ammunition
And fall to the ground

The Desert Eagle spreads its wigs for you
Kiss the cold steel
Then let the bullets come through

This is the ultimate end,
I'll make it sure that you will see
As I shall kiss the cold steel
And see how dark this day really can be

Bite the blank steel
Now let the bullets come through
The silver eagle says it's time to...

"Shoot the last ammunition"
Come one and do it now
"Shoot the last ammunition"
I'm going to show you how!

This is how it must end,
So bright shines the pistol
This is how I'll feel
When the last clip is falling
And the barrets are glowing tonight...


Don't tell them nothing, not a word
Don't tell them nothing,
Not a single thing that I've said to you

Hear all my secrets
Tell all the lies

Can you hear it sream
Deep deep inside

Now listen carefully, here it comes
It's what I keep inside,
This is the crime that I've tried to hide

These secrets I'll bring to you
Are of thorns and ice
These secrets I'll give to you
Will turn virtue to vice

I'll tell you only once...


The masquerade is a show for the starcrowds
It's death in vogue in saturnalian nights
The heart we share is a virus in our chests
A black piece filled with darkness and dead meat

Now our hearts beat on
The black is back in the deep
I see a million of nations
In blank and hot leather...

This black syndicate is a burning ballroom
Dirt, drinks and pills and Gucci drenched in blood
The flag we raise is held for the dead dolls
So now we'll watch all angels parade in black uniforms

Now our hearts beat on
The black is back in the deep
I see a million of nations
In blank and hot leather

Puppets without strings
Now join the show
Demons without wings
We are death in vogue

Ten tons of lungs roar into the black vault
It's disease, glam and champagne filled with nails
The syndrome is sucked into white bloodcells
And we march as vamps and wolves on red human oil

The faceless ones...
The leather swept ones that bring hate in tons
The faceless ones...
The subversion of lays through the rule of guns

Here they come as the models and machines
And see the dolls twist inside of their dreams
I see the puppets whisper with manic tongues
Feel it, scream it out from the top of your lunges!


Here she comes down,
As her wings get nailed to the ground
A polaroid of shame
The last angel's pathetic fame

The face of deceit with nails in her feet
She's a preacher deprived from her voice
A punctured lung is creating noise

The cry that she made
Was the cry of a dying child
The revocation if empathy
The sound from a million
Dreams and scars
Termination Bliss

Blessed under a lie, her last little weak "why?"
The bloody of end of a dream
Slit the throat and taste the cream

She wears her crown
On a head that's bowed deep down
A dying picture of lies
A tortured saint fade the flies




(See lyrics on track 2)

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