Smear Campaign

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Band Name Napalm Death
Album Name Smear Campaign
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 18 September 2006
Labels Century Media
Produced by Russ Russell
Recorded at Foel Studios
Musik GenreGrind Death
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen351


1. Intro / Weltschmerz
2. Sink Fast, Let Go
3. Fatalist
4. Puritanical Punishment Beating
5. When All Is Said and Done
6. Freedom Is the Wage of Sin
7. In Deference
8. Short-Lived
9. Identity Crisis
10. Shattered Existence
11. Eyes Right Out
12. Warped Beyond Logic
13. Rabid Wolves (for Christ)
14. Deaf and Dumbstruck (Intelligent Design)
15. Persona Non Grata
16. Smear Campaign
Bonustrack (Digipack Release)
17. Call That an Option?
Bonustracks (Japanese Release)
17. Call That an Option ?
18. Atheist Runt
19. Weltschmerz (Extend Apocalyptic Version)