Inside the Torn Apart

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Band Name Napalm Death
Album Name Inside the Torn Apart
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum Juni 1997
Musik GenreGrind Death
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen187


 Breed to Breathe
 Birth in Regress
 Reflect of Conflict
 Down in the Zero
 Inside the Torn Apart
 If Symptons Persist
 Purist Realist
 The Lifeless Alarm

 Time Will Come (Digipack Edition)
 Bred Dry (Digipack Edition)

Total playing time: 45:12

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Napalm Death

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Review @ Unicorn88

19 April 2012

They really did reach their low point

Napalm Death is a British gridcore band that I've enjoyed since I started getting into grindcore in the past year or so. This album, though, is their weakest release to date in my opinion.

In the category of sound, they've gotten way less heavy than in previous releases. Guitars sound more clean, vocals sound cleaner, etc. Drums, fortunately, are still extremely fast and still where they've been for ND since they came to be. But the guitars don't have the darkness that they used to and Barney actually uses clean vocals in songs like Breed to Breathe which is a turn of to most hardcore metal fan and, even though I like clean vocals(not singing) in metal sometimes, I feel that Greenway's clean vox are out of taste.

Song writing is less than what you'd expect from Napalm Death. They usually have their political issues on display, and this release is no exception. But in songs like Purist Realist and Section, the lyrics are just lazy. Highly repetitive, highly bland. They've really gotten off track from albums like FETO and Utopia Banished which are lyrically extremely intelligent and you can easily see what their talking about. This album seems like the lyric's meanings are so heavily masked in some songs that you can easily make a case that those songs are about nothing at all. At least I feel that way.

In all, I felt this album unappealing. It seems alot like their next release only that release was faster and heavier and much more appealing to fans. My favorite track of this release is Prelude. I give it 13/20. that's slightly below average in school terms and I feel like I'm being a little generous with such a high rating for this album.

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