None So Vile

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Band Name Cryptopsy
Album Name None So Vile
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 03 Juli 1996
Musik GenreBrutal Death
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen304


 Crown of Horns
 Slit Your Guts
 Graves of the Fathers
 Dead and Dripping
 Benedictine Convulsion
 Orgiastic Disembowelment

Total playing time: 32:04

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Review @ arcturus78

31 März 2012

None could possibly be more so wonderfully vile !!

This has to be a death metal classic. It's been a firm favourite of mine since it's release. It's just so different from most death metal releases without going into the realms of gothic death metal genre crossing etc, yet on paper it's description makes it very much like other death metal releases as in blast beats, death growls super speed riffing.

But what makes this different is it's deliverence. Starting off with the album art which is very black metal with it's classical biblical painting of Christ decapitated, which makes a change from the typical deathmetal release of the era with mediocre paintings of gore gracing it's pages. The logo looks quite black metal too. But what really counts is the music.

It's almost start to finish hyper blasts, chaos, and ear ringing noise. The first minute of the CD starts with a sample from Exorcist 3 and then kicks straight in with gravity blast beats much like Kataklysm. The tracks continue much the same vein, with clanky bass springing out between the speedy guitar passages. The drummer displays a fine passion for speed and much technicality and furnishes each track with rumbling double drumming, gravity blasts, and cymbal abuse.

One of the most distinct features of this album is the vocalist: Lord Worm. His vocals are pure crazy. Totally illegible barks, everyword sounds the same except for when he breaks out into shrieks and screams. All this might sound monotonous, but it really is an album that is actualy FUN. There is a few twists and turns too when they decide to break out of pneumatic drill in the ears mode. They are capable of some almost toe tapping groovy-ness especially on track two when in the space of 10 seconds run through several different styles of guitar playing.

I can't recommend this enough to death metal fans...

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Crinn - 31 März 2012: I agree with you, this is an amazing album! (although not my favorite cryptopsy record). Just a tip: make sure and proofread your reviews for grammar/spelling errors before posting them.
I also don't really agree with their logo being black metal (not that it matters or anything haha)
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Kommentar @ Cryptwatcher

27 Juni 2008
Cryptopsy is well known as one of the greatest Technical Death Metal bands in the world. With one of the greatest vocalists (Lord Worm) and drummers (Flo Mounier) in Death Metal, they crafted numerous masterpieces in their reign before they made their horrible turn towards deathcore after receiving their new vocalist. However, None So Vile reigns as their greatest. Especially with the tracks Crown of Horns, Dead and Dripping, and Benedictine Convulsions, this album surpasses any other album. Raging drums, flaming guitars, and angry dog-like vocals give this album the orgasmic feeling of ultimate brutality, originality and technicality put into a disc. Buy this album, it is a landmark in Death Metal, and many others would agree with me.

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Crinn - 30 August 2012: They can't be one of the best technical death bands in the world because they're not technical death, idiot
InfinityZero - 31 Januar 2013: Wow Crinn, I can't believe how rude your comment is. In what way is Cryptopsy not technical, and even if they aren't, what reason do you have to call this guy an idiot?

Anyway, Cryptwatcher, if you even still use SoM, your short, precise review is pretty good. I agree quite a lot. Brutal stuff.
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