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Band Name Cryptopsy
Album Name Cryptopsy
Type Album
Released date 11 September 2012
Labels Defen Society
Recorded at Garage Studio
Music StyleBrutal Death
Members owning this album64


 Two-Pound Torch
 Shag Harbour's Visitors
 Red-Skinned Scapegoat
 Damned Draft Dodgers
 Amputated Enigma
 The Golden Square Mile
 Cleansing the Hosts

Total playing time: 34:53

Review @ CLucker666

15 September 2012

A HUGE step forward for death metal legends cryptopsy

Cryptopsy is one of the most brutal bands out there with the exception of their 2008 album. If you are looking for some intense fast death metal then you have found the right band. Well I am going to discuss the major changes in this album compared to their last release first.

The Unspoken King was their 2008 album which got terrible reviews. I personally liked it and loved the song Worship Your Demons. One of the things they have stopped in this album was the singing. Matt did not have bad singing but a good growl would simply over do it any day. In this new album his vocals improved SOOOOO much more than the last. His growls just sound mean and intense and instead of your average death growl. Without the new improved vocals this album would not be nearly as good. I heard Matt took a lot of vocal lessons to improve his growl and it was damn sure worth it. Well another thing that is different is the guitar riffs.

The riffs in the last album were pretty simple deathcore/death metal riffs but now they are all fast technical death metal riffs that left me extremely impressed. They have more solos and much better structure to them. There is so much improvement in the guitars it is ridiculous. It is like listening to a completely different band. I know they got one of their old guitarists back and that could have been what did the trick for them. Maybe even hearing all the criticism made them decide to step up their game.

Now their drumming has always been phenomenal from the first album and so on. Their is some jazzy slower parts in the album that give you a breather to catch up with rest of the album were you do not hear inhuman drumming, but when those fast guitar riffs come in the blast beats start and it sounds like a relentless assault on your ears. Flo is easily one of the best drummers along with the likes of Nile's drummer George Kollias. Even in the previous album the drumming was fantastic which is one reason it did not let me down as much as others. I personally like some deathcore so that style was not new for me like some of the older death metal fans. So when I heard good deathcore with mind shattering drumming I actually loved it. But now as I hear amazing technical death metal with that type of drumming I fell in love instantly.

From the first minute off Two-pound Torch I was blown away. This album is pretty expensive since it was self released but it is worth every penny. The fact that they did this good on a self released album shows major dedication and skill. Producing an album like this is no easy job and for one of the musicians to do it is just awesome in my opinion. They mixed it better than century media mixed the last album. So go out a buy this album for all this bands hard work. They deserve it. Some of my personal favorite tracks were Two-pound Torch, Damned Draft Dodgers, The Golden Square Mile, and Shag Harbour's visitors. I gave this album a 19/20 because the only thing I would have changed was the amount of songs. There is only 8 songs leaving the album at about 35 minutes. The music definitely makes up for it though but I would still like to hear more ext time.

Below is a song from the previous album.


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Crinn - 15 September 2012: I need this album...send me a PM with a link, man
JigsoreQuandary - 15 September 2012: ^buy it from their bandcamp page, look on Facebook/Myspace, or possibly their official website.

Great review, I agree completely, this album knocks me on my ass. The guitarist who rejoined is Jon Levasseur, who wrote the majority of songs from None So Vile through Once Was Not. In my opinion, he really is the creative genius that makes Cryptopsy riffs sound so unique.
CLucker666 - 15 September 2012: yeah dude its so awesome, i knew the guitarists first name was jon just didnt want to even attempt spelling the last name lol and nice whisper supremacy shirt btw^^
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