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Band Name Dark Tranquillity
Album Name Moment
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 20 November 2020
Labels Century Media
Musik GenreMelodic Death
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen87


 Phantom Days
 Identical to None
 The Dark Unbroken
 Remain in the Unknown
 Ego Deception
 A Drawn Out Exit
 Eyes of the World
 Empires Lost to Time
 In Truth Divided

 Silence As a Force
 Time in Relativity

Total playing time: 57:18

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Dark Tranquillity

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Review @ posdiego

07 Februar 2021

One of the best moments of 2020

This year, we learned several lessons, among them, that despite everything, we must remain firm! And that, even in the face of all adversity, renewal must be the type of victors!
That's how Mikael Stanne and Dark Tranquility faced the departure of Niklas Sundin, the band's mainstay and guitarist since their formation, and delivered one of the best news of 2020, the captivating Moment!
For Sundin's place, the band hired guitarists Johan Reinholdz (ex-Andromeda) and Christopher Amott (founder and ex-guitarist for Arch Enemy), who have been touring with DT since 2017.
But let's get to the point!
Melodic Death is the most elaborate form of Death Metal, with more harmonic and melodic schemes than its root genre, however, over time, several bands of the style followed different paths, more drawn to metalcore, an example of In, in this scenario, Dark Tranquility is an exponent of the orthodoxy of the strand that needs to be founded.
And Moment is the corroboration that, even following the rules to the letter, renewing is always a great idea, the album sounds consistent and decided, no matter how much Reinholdz and Amott are new members, at no time is there a lack of clarity in decision making . This is noticed right away, when pressing the play “Phantom Days” takes us with a lot of melody and strength, like guitars and keyboard working very well throughout the track, it's a phenomenal opening!
Things start to get more aggressive with "Transient", which holds one of the best solos on the album, and "Identical to None" continues the heaviest Moment on the album.
Stanne manages to convey his truth in various ways, whether using the throaty, or using his clean voice, and he marks the album with the fascinating “The Dark Unbroken” and “Staying in the unknown”, alternating the vocals, the climates created are mind-blowing, the textures that refer to the postrock of bands like God is an astronaut are striking and the mix of sensations takes listeners, two great Moments!
“Standstill” has a more cheerful theme, once again harmonies and melodies fit perfectly, as clean parts refer to the sound of Soen's countrymen, the constant feeling in the quality of the album is very exciting, so trash, so to get your background presented the melodic parts that contrast and dialogue very well with the densest climates.
It is very difficult to choose the track that stands out the most, as the compositions are very consistent and exciting, “A Drawn out Exit”, “Failstate” and “Empires Lost to Time” bring aggression back, while “Eyes of the World” lightens the mood with beautiful melodic passages. The play is finished with the drag and harmonic “In Truth Divided”, the restrained tempo is a bed for Martin Brändström and Sttane to give a show, the harmonies created by the keyboardist elevate the melody of the vocalist's clean voice, closing this wonder of album.
In these more than 30 years of Dark Tranquility's life, this is one of the most polished and safe trips in the band's discography. It is not as impressive as The Fiction or The Gallery, but it proves to be a step ahead of other previous releases. The contributions of Amott and Reinholdz in general, are consistently positive, safe and show a horizon of many possibilities in the Swedes' journey.

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