Minutes to Midnight

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Band Name Linkin Park
Album Name Minutes to Midnight
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 30 April 2007
Produced by Rick Rubin
Musik GenreNu Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen600


1. Wake 01:40
2. Given Up 03:09
3. Leave Out All the Rest 03:29
4. Bleed It Out 02:44
5. Shadow of the Day 04:49
6. What I've Done 03:25
7. Hands Held High 03:53
8. No More Sorrow 03:41
9. Valentine's Day 03:16
10. In Between 03:16
11. In Pieces 03:38
12. The Little Things Give You Away 06:23
Bonustrack (iTunes Version)
13. No Road Left 03:52
Total playing time 43:23

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Kommentar @ LIlliy

23 November 2008
This is, no doubt, my favorite Linkin Park CD. I like every song, and have listened to the CD many times.

From the first to the last song, they show again and again how good of a band they are. The guitar work is all good and they show a good mix of harder and slower rock.
Though die hard metal fans may not like Linkin Park's use of piano, and the slowness of a lot of their songs, they still appeal to listeners every where.
And for all those Twilight fans out there, they even used Leave Out All the Rest (a song from this CD) in the movie.

Over all, I like Linkin Park's music and I think they really use this CD to shine. This is the essence of Linkin Park.

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