Layers of Lies

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Band Name Darkane
Album Name Layers of Lies
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 27 Juni 2005
Musik GenreDeath Thrash
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen78


 Amnesia of the Wildorian Apocalypse
 Secondary Effects
 Organic Canvas
 Fading Dimensions
 Layers of Lies
 Godforsaken Universe
 Klastrophobic Hibernation
 Vision of Degradation
 Maelstrom Crisis
 Decadent Messiah
 The Creation Insane

 Subliminal Seduction (Japanese Release)

Total playing time: 42:57

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Kommentar @ hack

03 Oktober 2009
According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, arcane means mysterious or secret. So the name Darkane can be interpreted as a dark and mysterious secret. This is the 4th album for this Swedish death-thrash quintet.

The band had to wait almost a year, before working on this album, because drummer Peter Wildoer had to overcome a wrist problem. The album opens with the typical symphonic diversion. It isn't full of thick chords and blast beats. This album is characterized with technical guitar work and intricate melodies. It often shifts into high gear with fast-tempo shredding. It's a synergistic blend of of melodic hooks and sheer power.

There are lots of melodic interludes with symphonic music and choir like vocals. Klas Ideberg and Christopher Malmstrom sing back-up vocals, and help with the choruses. Guitarist Christoper Malmstrom used to sing with a barbershop choir when he was 18 years old. In Sweden, barbershop choirs aren't percieved as geeky, like they are in the USA. Barbershop choirs are popular in Helsingborg, Sweden. Vocalist Andrea Sydow never sang death metal or was a metal fan before joining the band. Andreas yells and sings at medium range vocals without any grim vocals (grim vocals aren't necessary with this caliber of talent). Peter Wildoer is a very skilled percussionist, who helps punctuate the high speed shredding. I like every song on this album. Similar bands are Trivium and In Flames.

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nonpointer - 14 April 2010: Good review, but let me say that Darkane have very little to do with In Flames and are a completely different beast if compared to Trivium! No flowery melodies but much more aggression and thought-out structures, they could appeal to fans of both
thrash and death metal who do not dislike some twisted melody with their usual favorite genre!
hack - 14 April 2010: This mini review is old. It would be a lot different, if I were to write it today. I'd like to write a review for a new Darkane album, if they ever put out a new one.
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