Juggernaut: Alpha

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Band Name Periphery
Album Name Juggernaut: Alpha
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 27 Januar 2015
Musik GenreProgressive Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen51


 A Black Minute
 MK Ultra
 Heavy Heart
 The Event
 The Scourge
 22 Faces
 Rainbow Gravity
 Four Lights

Total playing time: 41:23

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Kommentar @ matt350

14 Februar 2015


Periphery started back in 2005 and slowly built up their progressive metal fan-base, and eventually earned a record deal in 2010 with Sumerian Records. Their first release through Sumerian their self-titled Periphery blew my mind. They followed it up With the Icarus EP and Periphery II which showed how much they focused their music and lyrics into beautiful and very heavy music very pleasing to ones ears.

With this release they fuel that same ambition with a little extra kick to it. This album is by far their HEAVIEST which I personally love so much, but another thing is the vocals. Spencer has much higher and deeper ranges with this album which explores new categories for him and gives the album a much greater feel to it. Also the lyrics on this album are so much better and you can relate to them more which amplifies the bands overall generation as a band.

With this release they climbed to numbers #16 and #22 respectively on the Billboard 200 chart which surprised me, because you don't see many progressive metal bands even make it into the chart. This shows what a great band this truly is and what they are capable of when they write and make their best and grooviest material.

I absolutely love this double album, it shows the same old Periphery but with more heaviness, groove, lyrical capabilities, and soaring vocal-ability which to me makes it their best album.

I give the records a perfect 20/20. Notable tracks are The Bad Thing, Graveless, Alpha, and The Scourge.

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