Hungry of Souls

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Band Name Apolion
Album Name Hungry of Souls
Type Cassette
Erscheinungsdatum Oktober 2006
Labels Bylec Tum
Musik GenreBlack Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen2


Re-issue in 2007 in CD by Bylec Tum with a different tracklist.
1. Umana Segreta
2. Fat God : the Opulent Empire
3. Sacred Mass of Bodies
4. Hungry of Souls
5. Traitor
6. Icy Blood and Dead Flesh
7. Winds
8. Children of Fire
9. Echoes of the Mist
10. Mother of All Shit
11. Gather for Attack (Darkthrone Cover)
1. Umana Segreta
2. Life's Remains
3. Fat God : the Opulent Empire
4. Sacred Mass of Bodies
5. Hungry of Souls
6. Traitor
7. Icy Blood and Dead Flesh
8. Winds
9. Children of Fire
10. Echoes of the Mist
11. Mother of All Shit

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