Forged by Fire

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Band Name Firewind
Album Name Forged by Fire
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 24 Januar 2005
Recorded at Mediamaker Studios
Musik GenreMelodic Power
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen152


1. Kill to Live 03:41
2. Beware the Beast 04:21
3. Tyranny 03:29
4. The Forgotten Memory 03:42
5. Hateworld Hero 05:38
6. Escape from Tomorrow 03:51
7. Feast of the Savages 04:21
8. Burn in Hell 04:38
9. Perished in Flames 04:52
10. Land of Eternity 05:50
Bonustrack (Japanese Release)
11. I Confide 05:04
Total playing time 44:23

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Review @ Scandals

05 Februar 2009
'Forged by Fire' was one of the first proper power metal albums I got into, after forages into Blind Guardian and Lost Horizon as an impressionable 18 year old. I was never really into stuff outside Iron Maiden and Iced Earth at that point, I prefered harder stuff but this seemed like a great combination. I'd heard 'Tyranny' on the Century Media website, and was very impressed.

The first thing thing that really struck me about it was it was a lot heavier than previous power metal I'd heard before. A lot of it seemed rather light in its riffs and presentation, but Firewind don't seem to have this problem. Shredder Gus G has obviously learned much from his stint in Dream Evil, and he brings to the fore a solid melodic approach backed up by excellent lead riffing and lightning solos. He also proves capable of changing it up, with 'Kill to Live' opening with Zakk Wylde style harmonics before tearing off into an 80s Ozzy style riff and some great vocals, 'Tyranny' boasting some classic power metal riffing and catchy vocal hooks similar to bands like Hammerfall, and the epic ballad 'Land of Eternity', a more down tempo piece leaning towards the Scorpions rather than Dream Evil

Another appeal of Firewind is that they lack the traditional wheelbarrows full of cheese that most power metal bands deliver us. 'Land of Eternity' is a passionate ode to the homeland of vocalist Chitty Somapala, Sri Lanka and its troubles. 'Tyranny' and 'Perished in Flames' deal with oppression and the regime of the Nazis. I am a fan of some fantasy power metal subjects; I've always been partial to the Tolkien adventures of Blind Guardian, but there are times where I feel the genre offers the perfect background for more than dungeons and dragons. Firewind's base in human responsibilities and inner strength provides a nice change.
Where the album reaches its peak is the tearing solo off instrumental 'Feast of the Savages', where Gus G matches off with Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth) in a deft contest of riffs. Friedman puts together some impressive work, his oriental style scales near the end are particularly awesome, but Gus's emotional soloing is more than a match. There is also some great faster tracks like 'Escape from Tomorrow' and 'Perished in Flames', and the hard rock 'Hate World Hero' shows how the band can provide versatility in their music.

'Forged by Fire' is a great melodic metal album that'll appeal to most power metal fans, and the album is heavy enough to tempt in some more traditional metal fans. Gus G is a great guitarist, and is the main draw here; his shredding and soloing are top notch. But the band he assembled around this album back him up superbly, and while it may not break any new ground, it doesn't really need to. Excellent.

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1Archon1 - 05 Februar 2009: Yeah, Forged by Fire: Perfect CD Great Review!
Scandals - 05 Februar 2009: hey thanks, thought you mite like that one ;) email me any others you may like reviewed, i'll see wat i can rustle up
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