Assassins: Black Meddle Part I

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Band Name Nachtmystium
Album Name Assassins: Black Meddle Part I
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 10 Juni 2008
Labels Century Media
Produced by Sanford Parker
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen72


1. One of These Nights (Intro) 01:50
2. Assassins 08:07
3. Ghosts of Grace 04:49
4. Away from Light 02:19
5. Your True Enemy 04:15
6. Code Negative 06:48
7. Omnivore 05:05
8. Seasick Part I: Drowned at Dusk 04:52
9. Seasick Part II: Oceanborne 02:48
10. Seasick Part III: Silent Sunrise 04:12
Total playing time 45:05

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Review @ Vinrock666

28 Februar 2009
Nachtmystium's 2008 LP, "Assassins - Black Meddle part 1", is a highly successful experiment in combining traditional black metal with the trademark sounds and styles of early Pink Floyd. The most overt example of this sonic shout out comes from the opening track "One Of These Nights". Not only does it thematically serve as a overture of what is to come from the later tracks, but the piece, although original, echoes very close to a more famous Floydian riff from their own "Meddle". This influence can also be appreciated on other tracks, too. "Seasick", one of the more darkly beautiful and textured songs from the album, features lengthly repetitive rhythmic sections, David Gilmour-inspired lead guitar work, an array of sound and synth effects, and a great saxophone segment during the second part, "Oceanborne". The lead guitar work of guest player Jeff Sealy shines brightly as well on two tracks, "Your True Enemy" and "Cold Negative". The metal parts are written simply and straightforward with a loyal nod to the old school. Although well produced (as it should be if one is to try this kind of songwriting), the bass sound comes off thin. One good result of this; however, would be the focus pulling, thunderous drum work of Tony Laureano. Laureano is not only a driving force on some songs("Omnivore" and "Code Negative") but also likes to enhance the depth of others with varying cadences and tempo changes (the double time on the third verse of "Assassins" and its slow-to-fast arrangement during a later movement provides a most illuminating example). Song to song, the tempos obviously range from the trippy slow ("Away From The Light") to the aggressively fast ("Your True Enemy"). All put together, "Black Meddle" has range, variance, depth, and an astute understanding of what Pink Floyd brought to the musical table in Nachtmystium's own black metal tribute; it is therefore a highly enjoyable work of art.

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