Phantom Antichrist

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Band Name Kreator
Album Name Phantom Antichrist
Type Album
发布日期 01 六月 2012
出版公司 Nuclear Blast
音乐风格Thrash Metal


 Mars Mantra
 Phantom Antichrist
 Death to the World
 From Flood into Fire
 Civilization Collapse
 United in Hate
 The Few, the Proud, the Broken
 Your Heaven, My Hell
 Victory Will Come
 Until Our Paths Cross Again

Total playing time: 45:25

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评阅 @ CLucker666

04 七月 2012

Thrash is as good as it ever was, if not better!

Phantom Antichrist is an example of a perfect thrash metal album. Almost every song in this album is brilliant and unique. Sure there is not a huge change in vocal tone but I mean this guy's voice just keeps sounding better and better throughout the entire album. Well onto what I love about this album so much.

Well the album starts off very peaceful and relaxing with a soothing guitar in the back ground along with a man just going la-la-la-la-la. But not even a minute into it, the guitars start, and it gradually gets heavier as it transitions into the album titled track. A fast moshing song to bang your head to. But, this song even gets melodic and has a ton of groove to it. It has a pretty awesome solo towards the end of the song and goes back into the chorus to end the song. I do not want to break down every song for you guys because that would ruin the fun in listening to the album for yourself.

The vocals are so awesome and unique compared to any other band in metal itself. They are mostly just yelling but he kind of sounds like a German version of Slayer. Which is great because nothing that sounds similar to slayer could ever be bad. Some moments in this album he sings in a non stressed and just normal voice. But it is very little and just enough so you can tell that he has a great voice all around.

I think the thrash combined with the melodic riffs are what really got me hooked. Most every song has a few melodic elements whether that be the guitar solos or the chorus, they are all outstanding. Phantom Antichrist is by no means a slow melodic album, it just features a few elements but it still has that kick-ass thrash sound that every metal head loves.

I can't really hear the bass all that well but I mean that's not anything out of the ordinary. I really do like when there is a thick bass sound in the background but even if there's not, it still works for me and Phantom Antichrist is still close to flawless.

Well as you can tell, Phantom Antichrist is a magnificent thrash album and I will hopefully be adding it to my collection soon. I hope all you metal heads out there give this album a chance because I am sure you will love it as much as I do. I gave this album an 18/20 for a reason.

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