Violent Revolution

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Band Name Kreator
Album Name Violent Revolution
Type Album
发布日期 25 九月 2001
出版公司 Steamhammer
音乐风格Thrash Metal


 Reconquering the Throne
 The Patriarch
 Violent Revolution
 All of the Same Blood (Unity)
 Servant in Heaven / King in Hell
 Second Awakening
 Ghetto War
 Replicas of Life
 Slave Machinery
 Bitter Sweet Revenge
 Mind of Fire
 System Decay

Total playing time: 56:42

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评阅 @ GodofViolence

20 七月 2017

much more aggressive and technical than their efforts from the late 1990s

Kreator like other thrash metal bands fell victim to the genre's decline in the 1990s. They released experimental albums testing waters with industrial and gothic elements. This pleased neither the fans nor the critics leading to the backlash and declining sales. Violent Revolution signals Kreator returning to its thrash metal roots that ensured their 1980s success.

To start off, this album is much more aggressive and technical than their efforts from the late 1990s. However, do not expect another brutal album such as Pleasure to Kill. The vocals of Mille Petrozza are excellent sounding pissed off about the world. The vocal delivery style does change at the beginning of the track "Replicas of Life" in which Mille showcases his clean vocals which are a perfect match for the song. Kreator's new guitarist Sami Yli-Sirnio offers a melodic sound which gives the band a template to work upon for their future albums. I say this as his melodies do not sound as complete or mature as those of the follow-up Enemy of God - not saying they are not enjoyable but Sami's work on that album is just a step above. The capable and experienced Ventor delivers drum patterns which match the rather melodic theme or atmosphere on this album.

The most commendable feature of this album is the quality of the songs written, there are absolutely no fillers and each one is very well thought-out. The title track is a testament to the quality of this album becoming a permanent song on Kreator's setlist. "Ghetto War" gives the feeling of an atmospheric sound of Endorama - in the way that it retains the positive qualities of that album. "Replicas of Life" is another example of Kreator's songwriting abilities making a 7 ½ minute song sound interesting and progressing from clean acoustic guitars to electric guitar very seamlessly.

The production by Andy Sneap is very good with all instruments heard clearly except for the bass. However, this production does not feel suited for Kreator at the first listen - sounding too sterile and boring in some instances.

Violent Revolution is an excellent comeback album for Kreator with almost immaculate songwriting and performance but hindered only slightly by a sterile production. The inclusion of Sami Yli-Sirnio is a fantastic decision giving them a melodic sound akin to that of Coma of Souls - which is a very unique and highly regarded thrash metal album. While this album may not be the best among the highly regarded albums Kreator have written, it certainly holds its ground in a very stable manner in Kreator's more than 25-year discography.

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