Old Friends from Young Years

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Band Name Papa Roach
Album Name Old Friends from Young Years
Type Album
发布日期 10 二月 1997
出版公司 Onion Hardcore
音乐风格Nu Metal


1. Intro
2. Orange Drive Palms
3. Liquid Diet
4. Grrbrr
5. Isedufukndie
6. Dirtycutfreak
7. Living Room
8. 829
9. Peewagon
10. Hedake
11. Shut Up 'N Die
12. Thanx

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Papa Roach

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评论 @ desolate23

09 五月 2013

This Album....

Okay, to be fair this is there very first album, and I understand if this wasn't the greatest thing ever, but this album is awful. I listened through the first 4 tracks. Number 2 is okay, 1, 3 and 4 are awful espescially since half the album's titled tracks aren't actual words. This album deffinately earned a place in my heart as one of the worst albums I've ever listened to. I'd sell it but I want my collection to be complete.

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