Monster Philosophy

乐队列表 Hard Rock DAD (DK) Monster Philosophy
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Band Name DAD (DK)
Album Name Monster Philosophy
Type Album
发布日期 10 十一月 2008
出版公司 EMI Records
Cargo Records
音乐风格Hard Rock


1. Revolution
2. Nightmares in the Daytime
3. Too Deep for Me
4. Beautiful Together
5. Monster Philosophy
6. Milk and Honey
7. You Won't Change
8. You Had a Head
9. I Am the River
10. Chainsaw
11. Money Always Takes the Place of Life
12. Nightstalker
13. If I Succeed
Bonustrack (European Release)
14. House of Fun
Bonustrack (Re-Issue 2011)
14. House of Fun
15. 31 Days (Demo 2008)