Live in Wolverhampton

乐队列表 Hard Rock Glenn Hughes Live in Wolverhampton
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Band Name Glenn Hughes
Album Name Live in Wolverhampton
Type Live
发布日期 四月 2012
出版公司 Wagram Music
Ear Music
音乐风格Hard Rock


Disc 1
1. Muscle and Blood
2. You Got Soul
3. Love Communion
4. Don't Let Me Bleed
5. What's Going on Here
6. Mistreated
7. Crave
8. Hold Out Your Life
Disc 2
1. Way Back to the Bone
2. Touch my Life
3. Jury
4. Coast to Coast
5. Seafull
6. Good Love
7. Your Love is Alright
8. Medusa
9. You are the Music
10. Black Cloud