Future Shock

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Band Name Ian Gillan
Album Name Future Shock
Type Album
发布日期 四月 1981
出版公司 Virgin
Demon Records
音乐风格Hard Rock


Re-Issue in 2007 by Demon Records with 7 bonustracks.
1. Future Shock
2. Night Ride Out of Phoenix
3. (The Ballad of) the Lucitania Express
4. No Laughing in Heaven
5. Sacre Bleu
6. New Orleans
7. Bite the Bullet
8. If I Sing Softly
9. Don't Want the Truth
10. For Your Dreams
Bonustracks (Re-Issue 2007)
11. Trouble
12. Your Sister's on My List
13. Mutually Assured Destruction
14. Maelstrom
15. Take a Hold of Yourself
16. One for the Road
17. Bad News