Cherkazoo & Other Stories

乐队列表 Hard Rock Ian Gillan Cherkazoo & Other Stories
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Band Name Ian Gillan
Album Name Cherkazoo & Other Stories
Type Album
发布日期 六月 1992
出版公司 Spitfire Records
音乐风格Hard Rock


1. Intro
2. Cherkazoo
3. Monster in Paradise
4. Bull of Birantis
5. Intro
6. Hogwash
7. Driving Me Wild (Take One)
8. Donkey Ride Dream
9. Trying to Get to You
10. Ain't That Lovin' You Baby
11. Driving Me Wild (Fast Take)
12. Music in My Head
13. You Make Me Feel So Good
14. She Called Me Softly
15. Driving Me Wild (Take Three)
16. You Led My Heart Astray
17. Little Share of Plenty
18. Night & Day