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Band Name Emmure
Album Name Felony
Type Album
发布日期 18 八月 2009
出版公司 Victory Records
录制地 Wild Studio


1. Sunday Bacon 02:37
2. I Thought You Met Telly and Turned Me into Casper 02:51
3. I 3 EC2 02:45
4. Felony 02:47
5. You Sunk My Battleship 03:09
6. The Philosophy of Time Travel 02:36
7. First Impressions 02:18
8. R2Deepthroat 02:17
9. Bars in Astoria 03:28
10. A Lesson from Nichole 02:26
11. Don't Be One 02:55
12. Immaculate Misconception 01:26
Total playing time 31:35

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评论 @ SOSGermany

10 十二月 2011

The worst album I've heard in two years.

I don't know why most people I know like this band. Felony is my first album of Emmure and I'm really disappointed with it. Most songs are too short, but some are even too long also. Thank god the songs are played in a slower tempo, which is not normal for a Deathcore band. Maybe the reason is called two-step.

I'm really ashamed to have bought this album last week and I'm ashamed that I bought an album for the first time, which doesn't fit into my normal music profile. Lyrically the music is not bad, but it isn't good either. The cover is good, but I think this is a sole exception. Each song sounds similar and they are very poor.

I don't understand why the group has so many fans (nothing against the fans). Emmure is NOT a special band. Even not due to mixing dub steps (Two Step), with Deathcore. Many other bands combine different bands methods and they sound much better than Emmure on Felony.

For my opinion Felony, is the worst album I have heard to since Chelsea Grin's debut EP (Chelsea Grin). I can't advise this album for true Deathcore fans, but for fans of mainstream metalcore it is alright.

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Crinn - 15 四月 2012: And also, the reason why this band has so many fans is because (as you may know) a LARGE part of the younger metalhead generation LOVES breakdowns (which is why deathcore is so huge). And all Emmure does is BREAKDOWN after BREAKDOWN after BREAKDOWN after FUCKING BREAKDOWN!!!!! which is pretty much a breakdown fan's dream come true!
Barb|Wire|Catheter - 05 八月 2012: I think you were a little too nice on this album. Emmure is a piece of shit and on my list of the worst bands I've ever heard.
Crinn - 05 八月 2012: Barbwire, you should read my review of Speaker of the Dead lol.
SeasonsMist - 14 二月 2013: If you "liked" this, you'll LOVE slave to the game lol