Eternal Enemies

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Band Name Emmure
Album Name Eternal Enemies
Type Album
发布日期 15 四月 2014
出版公司 Victory Records


 Bring a Gun to School
 N.I.A. (News in Arizona)
 The Hang Up
 A Gift a Curse
 Like LaMotta
 Free Publicity
 Most Hated
 Grave Markings
 Hitomi's Shinobi
 Rat King
 Girls Don't Like Boys, Girls Like 40's and Blunts
 New Age Rambler
 We Were Just Kids

Total playing time: 44:37

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评阅 @ desolate23

27 四月 2014

Still just more of the same.

Emmure has had a reputation for churning out the worst records in Deathcore history. Is this album any different? Not really. Granted it's not the worst record in their discography, I think Speakers of the Dead and Felony are still the worst records by this band. This one actually shows some improvement since their last record and it's definitely a step up from the others they've released in the past.

Is this record good by any stretches of the imagination? Nope. This is a very poor display of what the Deathcore subgenre could be. This record is sorely inconsistent and it lacks any bearing or mention at all. I barely managed to make it through half way before I gave up. Bring a Gun to School is the first on the list here and it's actually the better tracks of the ones I drudged through. The track starts off decently enough but then just swamps it and throws it out a window. Like true Emmure fashion there's breakdowns after breakdowns with little to no sign of ingenuity at all. Nemesis is basically the same as the first with a coating of gloss. It's awful.

The next one is N.I.A. What's the point of this track? It doesn't uphold the previous 2 tracks and as previously mentioned lacks consistency. There's a slight innovation with Frank's vocals but it makes zero difference.

The Hang Up is where this record truly shines however. I must admit this was the more bearable tracks thus far. The guitar work actually flows and the drummer actually can keep pace. A Gift, a Curse is decent but it doesn't overshadow the rest of what I've heard.

E is the worst track here simply because the flow disrupts the the innovation of the last two tracks and turns it around almost to signify that Frank said, "Man this is too innovative. Let's go back to our same, formulaic sound." Like Lamotta is poorly placed and I would've like to see this track between N.I.A. and The Hang Up.

Don't buy this record if you have any shred of decency and sanity left. I ranked it a 6/20 because of the lack of consistency and the sheer fact I couldn't bear the record any longer.

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Oferiko - 28 四月 2014: It could be titled Vulgar Display of Disgust.