Both Ends of the Path

乐队列表 Thrash Speed Airdash Both Ends of the Path
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Band Name Airdash
Album Name Both Ends of the Path
Type Album
发布日期 1991
出版公司 Black Mark Production
音乐风格Thrash Speed


Re-Issue on CD in 2008 by Warner Music Finland, with 3 bonustracks
1. Liquid Bliss
2. Hollow Men
3. Savage Ritual
4. So it Goes
5. Soul of a Renegade
6. Silent Wall
7. Deeper Shades
8. Letter of Indulgence
9. Choking Child
10. View
Bonustracks (Re-release 2008)
11. Take a Look at Me
12. Got no Blues
13. Eat Shit (New version)