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Band Name Nargaroth
Album Name Black Metal Ist Krieg
Type Album
发布日期 2001
出版公司 No Colours Records
音乐风格Black Metal


 Black Metal Ist Krieg
 Far Beyond the Stars (Azhubham Haani Cover)
 Seven Tears Are Flowing to the River
 I Burn for You (Lost Foul Cover)
 The Day as Burzum Killed Mayhem
 Pisen Pro Satana (Root Cover)
 Amarok - Zorn des Lammes (Part III)
 Erik May You Rape the Angels
 The Gates of Eternity (Moonblood Cover)
 Possessed by Black Fucking Metal

Total playing time: 01:09:40

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评阅 @ winterdemon

07 四月 2012

...mighty guitar riffs and a voice like satan himself.

When people ask me what is the truest black metal album of the early 00' years, then I reply: "Thats easy Nargaroth - Black Metal Ist Krieg". "Black Metal Ist Krieg" is an album that should know everyone who is interested in German black metal because it came out in a time where every Norwgian and Swedish black metal band bring out very lame albums like "Plaguewielder" from Darkthrone and "Monumension" from Enslaved.

"Black Metal Ist Krieg" has 11 songs and one of them is an "Intro", the first song. The "Intro" on this album beginns with screams and an loud groaning

The second song on the album is the title track from the album. "Black Metal Ist Krieg" is a song that really everyone knows who is listening to black metal. When someone screams Black Metal Ist Krieg I think this is not a Trend it is a lifestyle. The Song itself is very primitive and raw just like the true black metal must be. The lyrics of the Song are awesome and very simple and I love it when Kanwulf screams "Ihr Wichser es ist Krieg"

The Next Song that I present is a very good Cover song from the first album from the Czech black metal band called Root. "Pisen Pro Satana" is a one of those songs that I didn't know that was a cover. When I first heard the song I thought: "This song sounds really like Burzum - War and then I heard that "Pisen Pro Satana" is a coversongs is from a Czech Black Metal Band called Root. I special love the drumming on this cover and the awesome voice of Kanwulf.

One of the best songs on Black Metal Ist Krieg is "Amarok - Zorn des Lammes part 3". Every time I hear this song it reminds on my beautiful home and on the mountains and the long and beautiful valleys. "Amarok" starts with strong rain, thunder and lightning and a beautiful voice that later turns into a deep voice of evil. The best on this song is the drumming, because it is so hard and powerful like an big hammer hits an anvil.

And the last song on "Black Metal is Krieg" is "Possessed by Black fuckin' Metal". This is the perfect song at last place. The guitar riff in this song is a burner because it gives you an energy and you will hit at everything around you to destroy and that is that what makes this song so special.

At last I say this is a black metal classic of the early years of 00's because Nargaroth never released an album that could be as good as Black Metal Ist Krieg. I do give this album 20 of 20 points because it all has what a black metal album need like some awesome drumming, mighty guitar riffs and a voice like satan himself.

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Crinn - 07 四月 2012: great review. I don't agree that Plaguewielder is a "lame" album, I love it.

I'm not someone that thinks that something is "true" black metal. whether it's "true" or not doesn't affect my opinion on the album.

Another tip that I hope you take into consideration if you plan on writing other reivews: I'm not sure how you view an album, but try to spend a little more time on the general description of the album as a whole and less effort on the individual songs.

Regardless, I fucking love this album and I liked your review ;)
winterdemon - 07 四月 2012: Thanks for youre tip and this review is my third and for the next review I will do my best.