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logo Spiritual Beggars

Liste des groupes Stoner Spiritual Beggars


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    251 Fans
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Line-up actuel

Autres groupes/Commentaires
Sharlee D'Angelo
: Basse
Facelift, Illwill, Mercyful Fate, Witchery, Arch Enemy, ex-Sinergy, ex-Dismember
Ludwig Witt
: Batterie
ex-Shining, Grand Magus
Apollo Papathanasio
: Chant
ex-Firewind, Majestic, Time Requiem
Michael Amott
: Guitare
Arch Enemy, Carcass, ex-Carnage (SWE), ex-Candlemass, ex-Armageddon
Per Wiberg
: Claviers
King Hobo, Death Organ, ex-Opeth

Membres passés

Autres groupes/Commentaires
Spice : Chant, Basse Kayser, Spice And The RJ Band, ex-The Mushroom River Band
Roger Nilsson : Basse The Quill
Johnny Dordevic : Basse ex-Carnage, ex-Hypnosia, ex-Entombed
Janne "JB" Christoffersson : Chant Grand Magus


Spiritual Beggars (Album - )mp3Paroles 
Another Way to Shine (Album - )mp3ParolesChroniques
Mantra III (Album - )mp3Paroles 
Ad Astra (Album - )mp3ParolesChroniques
It's Over - Twilight Train (Split - )   
On Fire (Album - )mp3Paroles 
Demons (Album - )mp3Paroles 
Return to Zero (Album - )mp3ParolesChroniques
Return to Live : Loud Park 2010 (Live - )   
Earth Blues (Album - )mp3 Chroniques
Sunrise to Sundown (Album - )mp3 Chroniques


  • Spiritual Beggars - Hard Road

  • Spiritual Beggars - Dark Light Child

  • Spiritual Beggars - Diamond Under Pressure

  • Spiritual Beggars - Turn the Tide

  • Spiritual Beggars - One Man Army (Live at Tuska, 22/07/2011)

  • Spiritual Beggars - Wonderful World (Live, 2005)

  • Spiritual Beggars - Killing Time (Live in London, 2003)

  • Spiritual Beggars - Monster Astronauts (Live, 2005)

  • Spiritual Beggars - Mushroom Tea Girl (Live in Stuttgart, 1998)

  • Spiritual Beggars - Broken Morning / Cosmic Romance (Live at Hassleholm, Sweden, 14/08/1998)

  • Spiritual Beggars - Wonderful World / Fools Gold (Live at Tuska 2011)

  • Spiritual Beggars - Wonderful World (Live in Athens, 01/10/2010)

  • Spiritual Beggars - We Are Free (Live at Tuska 2011)

  • Spiritual Beggars - Beneath the Skin (Live at Graspop 2011)

  • Spiritual Beggars - Left Brain Ambassadors (Live at Graspop 2011)

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