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    Sorry, this band is not registered anymore or, its name changed, please use the search engine to find it
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    God BC (Thrash Metal-Sweden)
    GOD (CAN-1) (Grindcore-Canada) - Other name : Grotesque Organ Defilement
    GOD (CAN-2) (Thrash Metal-Canada) - Other name : Growl Of Death
    God Delusion (Thrash Death-Germany) - Other name : ex-Perish Sanity
    GIBIA (Hardcore-Italy) - Other name : God Is Broken In Ass
    God Of War (Technical Death-USA) - Other name : GOW
    God Seed (Black Metal-Norway) - Other name : ex-Gorgoroth
    God Serpent (Black Metal-Bulgaria) - Other name : ex-Ork
    Hora (Gothic Electro-Japan) - Other name : ex-God Synthesis
    God-Rot (Death Grind-USA) - Other name : (god-rot)
    God's Army AD (Melodic Heavy-Germany) - Other name : ex-God's Army
    Råg I Ryggen (Heavy Rock-Sweden) - Other name : Goda Vänner & Musik
    GodCock (Porno Gore Grind-Australia)
    Goddamn (Technical Thrash-Norway)
    Goddo (Hard Rock-Canada)
    Goden (Death Metal-Netherlands)
    Goderipmav (Black Death-Germany) - Other name : Vampire Dog
    Godfall (Progressive Death-Finland)
    Godfear (Thrash Metal-USA) - Other name : ex-Transcendence
    Godflesh (Industrial Metal-United-Kingdom)
    Godgory (Atmospheric Death-Sweden)
    Godhate (Death Metal-Sweden) - Other name : ex-Throneaeon
    Godhater (Black Metal-Russia) - Other name : God Hater
    Godhead (Gothic Metal-USA) - Other name : Blind
    Godiva (POR) (Melodic Death-Portugal) - Other name : The Godiva
    Godlike (Alternative Metal-Finland)
    Slowtorch (Stoner-Italy) - Other name : ex-Godmachine
    Godnose (Alternative Metal-Russia)
    Godog (Experimental Metal-Portugal)
    Gods (Metalcore-USA)
    Gods Of Eden (Technical Death-Australia) - Other name : GOE
    Gods Tower (Doom Metal-Belarus) - Other name : ex-Chemical Warfare
    Godsic (Melodic Death-Sweden) - Other name : GS
    Godsire (Industrial Death-Singapore)
    Godslave (Thrash Metal-Germany) - Other name : ex-Slavery
    Kyshar (Doom Metal-United-Kingdom) - Other name : ex-Godzilla On Demand, ex-Shrines
    Recharged (Crossover-Austria) - Other name : ex-Godzilla's Dimension
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