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logo Evergrey

Band's list Progressive Power Evergrey


Status Formed In


    Sweden (Göteborg, Västra Götaland)
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    436 Fans
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Marcus Jidell
: Guitar
Royal Hunt
Rikard Zander
: Keyboard
Death Destruction
Johan Niemann
: Bass
ex-Therion, Mind’s Eye
Tom S. Englund
: Vocals, Guitar
Hannes Van Dahl
: Drums

Past members

Others bands/comments
Sven Karlsson : Keyboard Soilwork
Dan Bronell : Guitar
Henrik Danhage : Guitar Death Destruction, ex-None
Jonas Ekdahl : Drums Death Destruction
Daniel Nojd : Bass
Fredrik Larsson : Bass Hammerfall, None, Cans, Death Destruction, ex-Crystal Age
Christian Rehn : Keyboard Angtoria, Insalubrious, Abyssos, ex-Sargoth
Will Chandra : Keyboard
Michael Håkansson : Bass Engel (SWE), Mortum (SWE), Embraced, The Project Hate, Incapacity, ex-The Forsaken
Patrick Carlsson : Drums
Jari Kainulainen : Bass Elias Viljanen, Mess, ex-Stratovarius, ex-Kotipelto, ex-Warmen, Symfonia, Devil's Train, Masterplan


The Dark Discovery (CD - ) Lyrics 
Solitude Dominance Tragedy (CD - ) Lyrics 
In Search of Truth (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
Recreation Day (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
The Inner Circle (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
A Night to Remember (Live) (Live - )mp3Lyrics 
Monday Morning Apocalypse (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
Torn (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
Glorious Collision (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
A Decade and a Half (Compilation - )mp3  
Hymns for the Broken (CD - )   


  • Evergrey - Monday Morning Apocalypse

  • Evergrey - A Touch of Blessing

  • Evergrey - Blinded (Live at Sonisphere Festival, Amnéville, France, 08/07/2011)

  • Evergrey - Wrong

  • Evergrey - Broken Wings

  • Evergrey - Blinded

  • Evergrey - Torn (Live Accoustic at Rivstart Radio Show)

  • Evergrey - Blinded (Live from "A Night to Remember" DVD, 2006)

  • Evergrey - In Studio

  • Evergrey - Mark of the Triangle

  • Evergrey - As I Lie Here Bleeding (Live from "A Night to Remember" DVD, 2006)

  • Evergrey - A Touch of Blessing (Live at Pure Rock Bar, Izmir, Turkiye, 19/01/2007)

  • Evergrey - Mark of the Triangle (Live from "A Night to Remember" DVD, 2006)

  • Evergrey - A Touch of Blessing (Live at Dom Omladine, Belgrade, Serbia, 22/01/2007)

  • Evergrey - I'm Sorry

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