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logo Demon Hunter

Band's list Metalcore Demon Hunter
    Also known as : DH


Status Formed In


    USA (Seattle, Washington)
Popularity   Fans
    550 Fans
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Jonathan "Jon" Dunn
: Bass
[since 2003]
Ryan Clark
: Vocals
[since 2000], ex-Training For Utopia, ex-Focal Point
Timothy "Yogi" Watts
: Drums, Percussions
[since 2004], The Showdown
Patrick Judge
: Guitar, Back Vocals
[since 2009], The Showdown
Jeremiah Scott
: Guitar
[since 2012], The Showdown

Past members

Others bands/comments
Jesse Sprinkle : Drums, Percussions [2000-2004], session member, Dead Poetic, ex-Poor Old Lu, ex-Morella's Forest
Ethan Luck : Guitar, Back Vocals [2005-2009], Relient K, ex-The Dingees, ex-Value Pac, ex-Grand Incredible, ex-Guerilla Rodeo, ex-Project 86, ex-The O.C. Supertones
Randy Torres : Guitar [2009], live member, Project 86, Crash Rickshaw
Don Clark : Guitar, Bass, Back Vocals [2000-2009], ex-Training For Utopia
Kris McCaddon : Guitar [2003-2005], session member, The Famine, ex-Embodyment
Ryan Helm : Guitar [2009-2011], The Ascendicate


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  • Demon Hunter - The Last One Alive

  • Demon Hunter - Death

  • Demon Hunter - I Will Fail You

  • Demon Hunter - The Last One Alive

  • Demon Hunter - I Will Fail You

  • Demon Hunter - Artificial Light

  • Demon Hunter - My Destiny

  • Demon Hunter - LifeWar

  • Demon Hunter - My Destiny

  • Demon Hunter - Someone to Hate

  • Demon Hunter - Carry Me Down

  • Demon Hunter - Sixteen (Live at Cornerstone, 2008)

  • Demon Hunter - Beauty Through the Eyes of a Predator (Live at Cornerstone, 2004)

  • Demon Hunter - Annihilate the Corrupt

  • Demon Hunter - Summer of Darkness (Live at Cornerstone, 2003)

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