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    Sorry, this band is not registered anymore or, its name changed, please use the search engine to find it
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    Reuben (Alternative Metal-United-Kingdom) - Other name : ex-Angel
    Angel City (Hard Rock-Australia) - Other name : The Angels, The Angels from angel City, ex-The Keystone Angels, ex-The Moonshine Jug And String Band
    Angelfire (Thrash Metal-USA) - Other name : Angel Fire
    Angel Guts (Death Metal-USA) - Other name : ex : Reverted
    Angel Witch (NWOBHM-United-Kingdom) - Other name : ex-Lucifer
    Angelcorpse (Black Death-USA) - Other name : Angel Corpse
    Angelcrypt (Power Metal-Malta) - Other name : ex-Rattlesnake
    Angeldeath (Death Metal-USA) - Other name : ex-Black Omen
    AMES (Thrash Death-Germany) - Other name : Angelic Moral Enforce Severity
    Wuthering Heights (Progressive Metal-Denmark) - Other name : ex-Vergelmir, ex-Minas Tirith, ex-Angelica
    Angelreich (Metalcore-Poland) - Other name : Szczecin
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