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Band Name Orden Ogan
Album Name Vale
Type Album
Дата релиза 22 Февраль 2008
Лейблы Yonah Records
Музыкальный стильMelodic Power
Владельцы этого альбома54


 Graves Bay
 To New Shores of Sadness
 Winds of Vale
 Reality Lost
 This Is
 This Was
 Something Pretending
 Lord of the Flies
 …And If You Do Right
 What I'm Recalling
 A Friend of Mine
 Candle Lights

Total playing time: 52:21

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Комментарий @ Metty

06 Июль 2008
So, here comes the debut "Vale" of one of Germany's best and most promising newcomer-bands in the last years !

I listenend to the Opener "To new shores of Sadness" and I knew instantly that this would be a terrific album. The song has an intelligent, always slightly changing structure that is typical for Orden Ogan and a great chorus with good choir parts that's not too bombastic. And the band keeps up its high level for (almost) all the running time of the album, which is magnificent for a debut I think. Be it instant rockers like "Vale", "Farewell" or "This is" that all show a great hit potential and very good melody lines, be it more comlicated heavy-riff-dominated songs like "A friend of mine", "Reality lost" or be it a ballad like "And if you do right" = Orden Ogan master every nuance of Power Metal with equally great results.

The interesting and Innovative songwriting is topped by vocalist Seeb whose voice is totally characteristic and manages every highth and depth.

So, is there no negative ? Naturally, there are some small details which keep this album from being one of the greatest in history, but they are really small… I think that "The Candle lights" which is the album's last song is a bit cheesy and ultimately leads nowhere but always stays in the same mood, rhythm and even vocal range, which is boring and makes the song appear like a filler. And there is a rather stupid hidden track which I could have lived without.

Finally, I want to point out "The Lords of the Flies", which is also as bonus-video on the album. The song is very, very cool and I love it, but it ends too soon which is a pity…

All in all, this is outstanding for a debut album. Let's forget about the filler in the end. This is highest rate and I can only advise everyone who is into intelligent und innovative Power Metal to check this band out. It's worth your time !

Rating: 20/20

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