Under the Ram

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Band Name Bulldozing Bastard
Album Name Under the Ram
Type Album
Дата релиза 21 Сентябрь 2014
Музыкальный стильBlack Heavy
Владельцы этого альбома9


1. Queen of the Night 03:04
2. Tornado 03:04
3. Mayhem without Mercy 02:21
4. Full Speed Ahead 02:46
5. Brassknuckle Deathstrike 03:31
6. Under the Ram 03:25
7. Alleys of the Underground 02:34
8. Let the Bastard Roar 03:22
9. Black Metal Slut 02:37
10. Once the Dust Has Settled 04:59
Total playing time 31:43

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Обзор @ winterdemon

20 Февраль 2017

Heavy Attack !

Germany’s Bulldozing Bastard, the self-described practitioners of “bastard metal”, formed in 2012. Their debut full length, Bulldozing the Vatican, was released in 2013 through the appropriately named Go Fuck Yourself Productions. The band’s sophomore album, Under the Ram, comes in 2015 through the traditional heavy metal label High Roller Records. Bulldozing Bastard’s lineup currently consists of Genözider on vocals and bass and Irön Kommander on vocals, guitars and drums (although they use the cleverly named Barrage Beast to drum at gigs).

Bulldozing Bastard plays a bastardizing blend of rocking speed metal and rangy black metal, not too far removed from the sound of Midnight, Gehennah or fellow High Roller label mates Bunker 66. Under the Ram brings that classic raw sound of early Venom and Motörhead and merges it with dirty, blackened vocals and some punk rock aesthetic. Catchy as hell guitar riffs, thundering fret walking bass lines and punkened double kick drum beats create the background for both vocalists to paint grimy pictures of rancid back alleys via growls and gang shouts. Irön Kommander should be commended for his impressive guitar chops, as each song showcases some classy traditional leads in addition to the fast paced, bluesy riffing on each track. The album oozes with Fast Eddie Clarke vibes but keeps from downright copying his sound.

While Under the Ram isn’t a wholly original venture, what else did you expect something billed as bastard metal to sound like? Speed metal riffing with a dash of blues, punk fueled double kick drumming and gruff, growled vocals unite to bring a dose of slightly blackened old school heavy metal. If there’s any complaint to be lodged it’s that the songs generally stick to the same tempo, but the rollicking style and solid songwriting make up for that. Fans of Gehennah, Midnight and Bunker 66 will definitely want to check this out.

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