To the Metal

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Band Name Gamma Ray
Album Name To the Metal
Type Album
Дата релиза 29 Январь 2010
Лейблы Edel Music
Ear Music
Produced by
Музыкальный стильMelodic Power
Владельцы этого альбома247


1. Empathy 05:04
2. All You Need to Know 04:00
3. Time to Live 04:48
4. To the Metal 05:29
5. Rise 05:05
6. Mother Angel 05:20
7. Shine Forever 03:53
8. Deadlands 04:24
9. Chasing Shadows 04:23
10. No Need to Cry 05:56
Bonustracks (Japanese Release)
11. Wannabees 03:44
12. To the Metal (Demo Version)
Bonustracks (7" Bonus)
13. Wannabees 03:44
14. One Life 05:05
DVD (Limited Edition)
- The Making of "To the Metal"
Total playing time 48:22

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Обзор @ Dr.Feelgood

18 Октябрь 2010
The last 10 years power metal was not in the top not even in the middle of the general metal music, but in the year 2010 things have returned there where they should be. The first who showed that power is not dead were Gamma Ray by their new album To the Metal which is much better than the last one Land of the Free II. Kai Hansen is regarded the father of power metal and the album Land of the Free is the biggest evidence for that.
Kai never hided his love for Judas Priest and in the new album he showed it again especially in songs ''Deadlands'', ''Mother Angel'' and ''To the Metal''. The last one is totally the same to ''Metal Gods'' in rhythm and its refrain is like an anthem which you can song anytime in any place. What makes the album unique are the fast songs ''Rise'', ''Shine Forever'' and ''Time To Live'' which have some affects from Stratovarius, but nobody must say ''why did he do that?''. He is the creator of power and he can take clues from every power band he wants. Something really exciting in the album that nobody could know is the participation of Michael Kiske, a vocalist who participated in Land of the Free ''Time To Break Free'' and the song from this album is ''All You Need To Know'', a typical power song in which Kai and Kiske share the vocals. Apart from the fast and slow songs there is a ballad too even Kai and the others do not want to have ballads in their albums. I could say that ''No Need To Cry'' is a strong ballad and we hear the bassist Schlahter singing.
Now there is another song that makes the difference by its music, lyrics and rhythm and this is ''Empathy''. It's a powerful song but not as fast as the others and its solo is totally different from known power solos because anyone can hear and realize the affect of Rainbow only in this song.
It is true that Gamma Ray hasn't recorded an awesome power metal album since Majestic Plant without meaning that the next albums were bad, but all of them had the affect of Judas Priest even the Majestic which was the fastest in the last 10 years.
To the Metal is the album which changes everything, firstly it brings back the good old days when power metal ruled, secondly shows that Gamma Ray are becoming again the Heroes with Blind Guardian and not the Kings because this title belongs to another band and finally shows that inspiration for speed and powerfull songs is existed now more than ever!! Enjoy it!!!

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