The Scarecrow

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Band Name Avantasia
Album Name The Scarecrow
Type Album
Дата релиза Январь 2008
Лейблы Nuclear Blast
Produced by
Recorded at Gate Studios
Музыкальный стильSymphonic power
Владельцы этого альбома503


1. Twisted Mind 06:13
2. The Scarecrow 11:14
3. Shelter from the Rain 06:11
4. Carry Me Over 03:54
5. What Kind of Love 04:58
6. Another Angel Down 05:43
7. The Toy Master 06:22
8. Devil in the Belfry 04:41
9. Cry Just a Little 05:14
10. I Don't Believe in Your Love 05:32
11. Lost in Space 03:52
1. Song by Song (by Tobia Sammet)
2. Carry Me Over (Video)
3. Carry Me Over (Making of)
4. Lost in Space (Electronic Press Kit)
5. Lost in Space (Video)
6. I Don't Belive in Your Love (Acoustic Version Live in the Studio)
7. The Toy Master (Acoustic Version Live in the Studio)
Total playing time 1:03:54

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Обзор @ Metty

14 Март 2008
I remember an interview with Tobias Sammett in which he stated, that there would never be a third part of "Avantasia-The Metal Opera". To avoid contradicting himself he has now called the third Avantasia album "The Scarecrow" and done away with the fantasy theme. This time, there is no real story underneath the songs, more a lose concept of an artist who has lost his great love and is looking for ways to forget her (as this is a theme of many songs from the last Edguy-album you have to wonder if maybe Mr. Sammett is talking of himself here).
The music has also moved away from the Power/Fantasy Metal approach of the two "Metal Opera"-parts. Except for "Shelter from the rain" that co-stars Michael Kiske and Bob Catley there are no speedy, but many up-tempo or mid-tempo songs.
The whole album starts off quite cool with the intro-riff of "Twisted mind" which turns out to be the second best song on the album. Roy Khan sings a little bit but most of the song is performed by Tobi, as is the fact on most of the songs. The follower "The Scarecrow" is okay, but sounds very much like one of those Edguy epics and is saved only by the fantastic voice of Jorn Lande who plays some kind of Mephisto. The greatest song - of course - is "The Toy Master", that has Alice Cooper written all over it and sounds that strange and weird as if it came from one of Alice`s latest albums. Except for some small parts the song is mostly sung by Alice Cooper and absolutely great. The other songs with Jorn Lande and "I don´t believe in your love" with Oliver Hartmann are good and solid Heavy Metal, but often sound like Edguy-leftovers.
The two songs that Tobi sings alone are okay as well, but not as great as you´d expect by such a great songwriter as Tobi Sammett. He has tried to sound very modern and mainstreamy and has succeeded in that but it does not really fit into the rest of the songs.
Now the down-side: "Cry just a little" is a duett with Bob Catley and has "Cheese" written all over it which is sad, because Catley really sounds great here. The other ballad is NOT Metal, but sounds like one of those radiosongs that you instantly forget after hearing. It´s that much emotional and pseudo-dramatic!
Overall the album is not bad and has some highlights, yet I think it can not be compared to "The Metal Opera" which was just great and nothing less. Perhaps it would have been wiser of Tobi to give the project another name, because in the comparison, "The Scarecrow" loses definitely.

Rate: 15/20

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Комментарий @ Vinrock666

22 Апрель 2009
Edguy Ace Tobias Sammet once again calls upon some of the most accomplished musicians in metal today to contribute to his third Avantasia project in 2008 - "The Scarecrow". Much more abstract thematically, the project still employs many aspects of what could be classically defined as operatic. The title track and "What Kind Of Love" are heavy on synthesized orchestration, operatic vocal stylings, and enigmatic movements. There are no less than three songs balladesque, too, to showcase some of the more impressive voices on the record. Speaking of voice talents, Avantasia scores big with one of metal's greatest legends, Alice Cooper, to lend his sinister tone to one of the more creepier tracks, "The Toy Maker". Another vocal surprise comes from career back-up vocalist Amanda Somerville, who shines brightly opposite Tobi Sammet on the duet "What Kind Of Love". Other notable performances include Khan (Kamelot) on "Twisted Mind" and Jorn Lande - who appear on a number of tracks to couple Sammet with his more raspier, metallic style. "Devil In The Belfry" is perhaps the best example of his tone complimenting the metallic riffs featured here. "Devil In The Belfry" also showcases the other big guns on the album - the guitar playing of Sascha Paeth and Henjo Richter. Not only are the riffs much appreciated but the melody and dual harmonizing guitar breaks are powerful and perfect. As with the voices, the guest guitarists make quite an impression, including the Scorpion's Rudolf Shenker ("I Don't Believe In Your Love"). Still, with Avantasia, the magic is in it's ability to make you believe. Sammet's songwriting is is now among the best in metal today and the Avantasia project is most revered for its augmentation of Sammet's vision by all of his guest musicians. It is therefore no doubt that the best track on the album "Shelter From The Rain" is so because it features a reunion of Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen, both formerly of Helloween. Their contribution is purely fantastic. The two solos are excellent, too, and with the drumming of Eric Singer to follow, along with the most dynamic duo of Paeth and Miro on guitars and keys respectively, this song much like the whole album is an awesome achievement. "The Scarecrow" is the most mature work of Sammet's to date, and for those who enjoy the mastery of his genius, it will not disappoint. "The Scarecrow" is therefore a most wonderful experience in operatic, symphonic metal.

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