The Poison

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Band Name Bullet For My Valentine
Album Name The Poison
Type Album
Дата релиза 03 Октябрь 2005
Produced by Colin Richardson
Recorded at Chapel Studios
Музыкальный стильMetalcore
Владельцы этого альбома848


1. Intro (feat. Apocalyptica) 02:22
2. Her Voice Resides 04:17
3. 4 Words (to Choke Upon) 03:43
4. Tears Don't Fall 05:48
5. Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow (What Can I Do) 03:35
6. Hit the Floor 03:30
7. All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me) 03:45
8. Hand of Blood 03:35
9. Room 409 04:01
10. The Poison 03:39
11. 10 Years Today 03:55
12. Cries in Vain 03:56
13. The End 06:48
Bonustracks (Deluxe Version)
15. Seven Days
16. My Fist, Your Mouth, Her Scars
17. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Metallica Cover)
18. Tears Don't Fall (Acoustic)
Bonustracks (Japanese Deluxe Edition)
15. Room 409 (Live)
16. Spit You Out (Live)
Bonustracks (UK Re-Issue)
15. Seven Days
16. My Fist, Your Mouth, Her Scars
17. Spit You Out (Live at the Brixton Academy)
18. All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me) (Live at the Brixton Academy)

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Комментарий @ miniradman

31 Август 2010
Bullet for My Valentine : The Poison

The Poison was first released on October the 3rd 2005 by Visible Noise Records and it is Bullet for My Valentine's debut album. Bullet for My Valentine is considered to be one of the best Metalcore artists around today. This album was released in the United States on Febuary the 14th 2006 through Trustkill Records and is Trustkill's first album to be certified Gold By The Recording Industry Association Of America (AKA RIAA).

The Poison is a metalcore album Which features some of arguably their best tracks such as 10 Years Today, The Poison and what is condidered to be their signature song Tears Don't Fall.

This album has plenty of emotion in it that reflects the dark side of this album. Some of the more emotional tracks would be All These Things I Hate and The End. They have done this by having soft parts in the song that eventualy builds up into screamo vocals and fast paced tempos.

Some of the songs also have very good guitar solos in them such as The Poison, Her Voice Resides and also Four Words (To Choke Upon. This album has no real down side to it other than that the screamed vocals are a bit linear but that may not be a bad thing.

The Poison is the complete Metalcore package that features clean and screamed vocals, intense guitar solos and emotion. Very highly recommended for anyone who loves Metalcore or the likes of Trivium or Killswitch Enguage.

20/20 one of the best albums I have ever heard

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miniradman - 02 Сентябрь 2010: true true they do have some crossover thrash influences such as their cover on metallica's welcome home sanitarium but I ony said that because Bullet for my valentine represents the metalcore genre fairly well. so anyone who is into metal core should like this.
but hey, anyone who is into metalcore should have already herd of bullet. thanks for the comment BTW.
Batsibatsival - 09 Сентябрь 2020:

Uno de mis álbumes preferido de la banda. Los ví en directo en el Resurrection Fest en Viveiro ( Galicia - España )2016 y son impresionantes.

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