The Architect of Extinction

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Band Name Ingested
Album Name The Architect of Extinction
Type Album
Дата релиза 12 Январь 2015
Лейблы Century Media
Produced by Stu McKay
Recorded at Badass Studios
Музыкальный стильBrutal Death
Владельцы этого альбома39


 The Divine Right of Kings
 Narcissistic Apathy
 Endless Despondency
 The Heirs to Mankind's Atrocities (ft. Julian Kersey of Aegaeon, Taylor Wientjes of The Kennedy Veil, James Shuster of Eighty Thousand Dead & Alex Teribble of Slaughter To Prevail)
 I, Despoiler
 A Nightmare Incarnate
 Extinction Event
 Amongst Vermin
 Rotted Eden

Total playing time: 41:42

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Обзор @ VesselsOfBlood

08 Февраль 2015

Absolute Brutality

British brutal death metal quintet Ingested formed in 2004 from Manchester under the moniker 'Age Of Suffering' before changing their name in 2006. They released their debut full-length "Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering" in 2009, and then released their sophomore effort "The Surreption" in 2011. Currently signed to Century Media (Aborted, Nachtmystium), the band has released their third full-length in early 2015 called "The Architect of Extinction."

Keeping in line with the brutal death metal genre, Ingested's instrumentation is incredibly destructive. Along with that, however, it's also impressively performed. Vocally, the range between low gutturals and higher pitches make way for a very monstrous sound that's almost inhuman. The guitars deliver sleuths of crushing and exciting riffs throughout the album; their power comes from both the enjoyably crunchy sound itself and their sense of dynamic. They can range from their usual blistering chugs and solos to even a few melodic but still dark interludes ("Penance"), and they are very interesting and engaging to listen to. The drums fall into a similar category, consisting of rapid-fire paces and blast-beats while still having some versatility to them; in short, what makes the musicianship work so well is their praise-worthy balance between energy and dynamic.

This album was produced and mixed by Christian Donaldson, who also did similar work for albums from bands such as Cryptopsy, Beneath The Massacre, and Beyond Creation, and he did wonders yet again. As usual, his mixing gives the music a very powerful and crisp sound that makes it sound punchier and resonant than it already is (Which is saying a lot); it fits the brutal nature of the music very comfortably. At times, the percussion does sound a bit too triggered and artificial due to how polished the production is (The cymbals at the beginning of "The Divine Right of Kings" is the clearest example I can think of), but otherwise, the mixing is very well done.

The grotesque cover artwork displayed above says it all; this album is one that pulls no punches whatsoever, with its sheer speed, brutality, and vigor. Pretty much all of the songs unleash waves of merciless heaviness on the listener, stand-outs including the fiery opener "The Divine Right of Kings" and the following track "Narcissistic Apathy." This band clearly made sure that every song hits extremely hard, and they succeed very well. In both the songs' faster and steadier paces, the music Ingested has to offer is a very powerful and unflinching listening experience overall.

A significant part of what makes "The Architect of Extinction" so recommendable is how the brutality doesn't get in the way of focusing on the song-writing. The songs have an overall very good sense of dynamic. For the former, the tracks in this album are able to switch gears in their velocity while still maintaining their sense of flow. A common trap I find with other brutal death metal albums is that the songs blend too much into one another, resulting in a monotonous listen that runs low on steam rather quickly. Thankfully, with this particular record, Ingested dodges that issue with song construction that throws surprise after surprise to keep things fresh and interesting, even if it does get slightly monotonous every once in a great while.

"The Architect of Extinction" is a strong and explosive brutal death metal record that has just as much brains to it as it has brawn. Packed with potent musicianship, great production values, and remarkable song-writing that ties lots of invigorating passages into some versatile and punchy tracks. Even though the mixing may sound a touch over-polished at times and the album does slightly lose its steam into the last third, this album is one that pile-drives over its audience with no remorse whatsoever. 2015 is off to a very good start.

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